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Condensate drain
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10 Installation
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Compressed air!
Risk of serious injury or death through contact with quickly or suddenly escaping com-
pressed air or through bursting plant components or plant components which are not
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Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure (see type plate).
Only carry out service measures when the system is pressureless.
Use pressure-resistant installation material only.
The feed pipe must be tubed firmly. Discharge pipe: short, fixed pressure hose onto pressure-resistant
Make sure that persons or objects cannot be hit by condensate or escaping compressed air.
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Malfunction during operation!
Through incorrect installation and poor maintenance, malfunction may occur at the
Condensate which is not discharged may cause damage to plants and in production
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Condensate drainage which is reliable in performance directly optimises the compressed-air quality.
To prevent damage and breakdowns, it is imperative to observe the following:
Exact compliance with the specifications of use and with the performance parameters of the
BEKOMAT, in connection with the case of application (see "Proper use" section).
Exact compliance with the installation- and operation instructions in this manual.
Regular maintenance and control of the BEKOMAT in accordance with the instructions in this oper-
ating manual.
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It is imperative to observe all hazard statements and warnings listed here.
Please also observe all regulations and notes regarding industrial safety and fire prevention at the place of
As a matter of principle, only use suitable and appropriate tools and materials in a proper condition.
Do not use aggressive cleaners and improper devices such as high-pressure cleaners.
Please note that condensates may contain aggressive or harmful components. Therefore, skin contact
should be avoided.
Condensate is subject to mandatory waste disposal. As such, it must be collected in suitable containers, and
disposed of or processed properly.
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