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Condensate drain
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Control and maintenance
Installation of the control unit on the BEKOMAT:
1. Check whether or not the service unit (9) goes
with the control unit (1) (model designation and
colour of the arresting hook).
2. Check whether or not the sealing mat (8) and
the contact springs (28) are clean, dry, and free
from impurities.
3. Introduce the sensor (5) into the service unit (9).
4. Hang the hook (29) of the control unit (1) in the
service unit (9).
5. Press the control unit (1) against the service
unit (9) and snap into place.
Start-up subsequent to maintenance measures:
Always carry out prior to the start-up:
• Leak test of the screwed connector of the con-
densate receiver tank and of the connection of
this tank to the service unit
• Check of the electrical connections
• Check of the correct engagement of the control

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Table of Contents

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