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Condensate drain
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33U / 33U CO releases a mainte-
nance message for a service that is to be carried out.
Depending on the operating mode, a visual mainte-
nance message (service) is activated which signalises
the replacement of the service unit.
The maintenance message is indicated by the flashing
supply voltage-LED "Power".
The maintenance message is released after 2 x 8.760
h or one million switching cycles.
The maintenance signal is released when one of
these two values is reached.
In the event of a power outage or when the energy
supply is deactivated, the status of the timer will be
The activities to be carried out regarding maintenance
are described in the chapter entitled "Check and
Prior to the replacement of the service unit, a reset
needs to be carried out. The control unit is released by
actuating the arresting hook. When removed, the
TEST button must be pressed and held for at least
five seconds.

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