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Sony Betacam SX DNW-A22 Operation Manual

Digital videocassette player.
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1st Edition (Revised 2)
Serial No. 10001 and Higher


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DIGITAL VIDEOCASSETTE PLAYER DNW-A22/A22P OPERATION MANUAL [English] 1st Edition (Revised 2) Serial No. 10001 and Higher...
  • Page 2 WARNING For the customers in the USA This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide expose the unit to rain or moisture.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1-1 Overview ..................1-1 Chapter 1 1-2 Example System Configuration ............ 1-3 Overview 2-1 Control Panels ................2-1 Chapter 2 2-1-1 Upper Control Panel............... 2-2 Location and Function of 2-1-2 Lower Control Panel .............. 2-4 Parts 2-1-3 Subsidiary Control Panel ............2-8 2-2 Connector Panel ................
  • Page 5: Overview

    1-1 Overview The DNW-A22/A22P (also referred to simply as the High image quality, high audio quality, unit in this manual) is a videocassette player based on high reliability the Betacam SX format. It can play tapes recorded in Betacam/Betacam SP Even with a low data rate, playback with high image format.
  • Page 6 1-1 Overview Minimal maintenance The design needs minimal maintenance, and requires no daily maintenance or checks. The drum and other components have reduced maintenance costs. Rack mounting The unit can be mounted in an EIA standard 19-inch rack. For details of rack mounting, refer to the Maintenance Manual Part 1.
  • Page 7: Example System Configuration

    1-2 Example System Configuration The following conceptual diagram shows an example system configuration. Betacam SX camcorder Betacam SP camcorder Analog cassette Digital cassette DNW-A22/A22P Analog composite Using RFU-89KB RFU Adaptor. TV set Video monitor Analog audio Analog composite Audio monitor Analog VTR Chapter 1 Overview...
  • Page 9: Control Panels

    2-1 Control Panels There are three front control panels, as follows: • Upper control panel • Subsidiary control panel • Lower control panel Upper control panel (See page 2-2.) Subsidiary control panel (See page 2-8.) Lower control panel (See page 2-4.) To reveal the subsidiary control panel, pull the lower control panel forward.
  • Page 10: Upper Control Panel

    2-1 Control Panels 2-1-1 Upper Control Panel 1 POWER switch 2 AUDIO MONITOR SELECT buttons Cassette compartment POWER ANALOG / DIGITAL AUDIO MONITOR SELECT CH-1 CH-2 CH-3 CH-4 PHONES VITC 3 PHONES jack and control 4 Time code setting section 1 POWER switch 2 AUDIO MONITOR SELECT buttons This powers the unit on and off.
  • Page 11 3 PHONES jack and control 4 Time code setting section Connect stereo headphones with an impedance of 8 ohms, to monitor the sound during playback and TC switch and indicators DF/NDF switch and indicators editing. The control knob adjusts the volume. It is possible to make a setting so that the output volume from the MONITOR OUTPUT connectors is controlled simultaneously.
  • Page 12: Lower Control Panel

    2-1 Control Panels 2-1-2 Lower Control Panel 1 Menu/display setting section 2 Display section SHUTTLE CONDITION VI TC UB INTRP DF LTC VITC DOLBY 525 625 REVERSE FORWARD BETACAM MENU CTL/TC/UB RESET SERVO ALARM STANDBY EJECT PLAY F FWD STOP 4 Search control section 3 Tape transport control section 3 CTL/TC/UB button...
  • Page 13 2 Display section CONDITION VI TC UB INTRP DF LTC VITC DOLBY 525 625 BETACAM ALARM SERVO 1 Fluorescent display and indicators 2 SERVO Indicator 3 ALARM indicator 4 BETACAM SX indicator 1 Fluorescent display and indicators Indicator area This comprises a time data display area and a number This includes the following indicators.
  • Page 14 2-1 Control Panels • 525, 625 indicators: The indicator showing the 3 Tape transport control section number of scan lines for the television standard selected using basic menu item 013 lights (NTSC: 525 scan lines, field frequency 60 Hz; PAL: 625 1 STANDBY button scan lines, field frequency 50 Hz).
  • Page 15 4 PLAY button 2 JOG button To start playback, press this button, turning it on. To use the search dial for playback in jog mode, press this button, turning it on. To operate in capstan override mode For details of playback in jog mode, see the item for the Hold down this button, and turn the search dial.
  • Page 16: Subsidiary Control Panel

    2-1 Control Panels 2-1-3 Subsidiary Control Panel Pull out the lower control panel to reveal the subsidiary control panel. 1 CHARACTER switch 2 DOLBY NR switch CHARACTER DOLBY OFF ON OFF ON 2 DOLBY NR (noise reduction) switch 1 CHARACTER switch When using an oxide tape, switch the Dolby noise- Select whether or not to superimpose text information reduction system for analog audio on or off.
  • Page 17: Connector Panel

    2-2 Connector Panel 1 COMPOSITE VIDEO OUTPUT connectors 2 RF ADAPTOR connectors Cooling fan Cooling fan RF ADAPTOR VIDEO OUTPUT COMPOSITE VIDEO 2(SUPER) AUDIO MONITOR OUTPUT AC IN BREAKER RS-232C 5 RS-232C connector 3 Power supply section 4 MONITOR OUTPUT connectors 1 COMPOSITE VIDEO OUTPUT connectors AC IN connector (BNC type)
  • Page 19: Setup

    3-1 Setup The principal setup operations before operating this unit can be carried out using setup menus. The setup menus of this unit comprise a basic menu and an extended menu. The contents of these menus are as follows. Basic menu: •...
  • Page 20: Superimposed Character Information

    3-2 Superimposed Character Information When the CHARACTER switch on the subsidiary Adjusting the character display control panel is set to ON, the video signal output from the COMPOSITE VIDEO OUTPUT 2 (SUPER) You can adjust the position, size and type of the connector contains superimposed character superimposed characters using the basic menu.
  • Page 21 3 Drop frame mode of CTL counter (for 525 mode Display Operation mode only) Block A Block B “.”: Drop frame mode (factory preset) TAPE Cassette is not loaded. “:”: Non-drop-frame mode UNTHD STDBY OFF Standby off mode 4 VITC field T.RELEASE Tape tension released “...
  • Page 22: Cassettes

    3-3 Cassettes Removing slack from the tape 3-3-1 Cassette Types Press in one of the reels with a finger, and turn gently in the direction shown by the arrows until there is no This unit uses a -inch tape width. It can play slack in the tape.
  • Page 23: Preparations For Playback

    4-1 Preparations for Playback Switch settings For details of the settings of each of the switches, refer to Before beginning playback, make any necessary the pages indicated in parenthesis. switch settings. AUDIO MONITOR SELECT buttons (see page 2-2) : select the audio TC switch (see page 2-3) : channel(s) to be monitored select the time code to be...
  • Page 24: Playback Procedures

    4-2 Playback Procedures If you play back to the end of the tape This section describes the following types of playback which the unit can carry out: The tape is automatically rewound, and stops. When using the Dolby noise reduction system •...
  • Page 25: Playback In Shuttle Mode

    To alternate between normal-speed playback 4-2-3 Playback in Shuttle Mode and shuttle mode playback Set the search dial to the position corresponding to the In shuttle mode, you can control the speed of playback desired shuttle playback speed, then switch between by the angular position of the search dial.
  • Page 27: Menu System Configuration

    5-1 Menu System Configuration For detailed information about menu operation relating to The menu system of this unit comprises the basic the hours meter, see Section 6-4 “Digital Hours Meter” menu and extended menu. (page 6-3). • Basic menu This menu is used to make settings relating, for •...
  • Page 28 5-2 Basic Menu Item number Item name Settings DISPLAY INFORMATION Determines the kind of character information to be output from the COMPOSITE SELECT VIDEO OUTPUT 2 (SUPER) connector when the CHARACTER switch on the subsidiary control panel is set to ON. T&STA : Time data display information and the unit’s status.
  • Page 29: Basic Menu Operations

    To display the full item name 5-2-2 Basic Menu Operations Hold down the F FWD button. This section describes the basic menu displays and how to change the settings. For information about how to use item 013, see the section “Switching between 525/625 line systems (menu item 013)”...
  • Page 30 5-2 Basic Menu Changing the currently displayed menu Changing a menu item setting value item To change the setting value of the currently displayed menu item, use the following procedure. JOG button SHUTTLE button Search dial Holding down the SHUTTLE button or JOG Turn the search dial.
  • Page 31 Select menu item 013. Resetting the menu settings to their factory default values (menu item B20) The time data display and the monitor screen connected to the COMPOSITE VIDEO OUTPUT 2 (SUPER) connector show the following displays. Time data display Monitor screen Time data display ITEM-013...
  • Page 32 5-2 Basic Menu Press the SET button. Press the SET button. The displays change as follows. The displays change as follows. Time data display Time data display Monitor screen Monitor screen 525/625 SYSTEM SELECT 525/625 SYSTEM SELECT If the 525/625 setting is changed, turn power Turn off/on POWER!! off and on!
  • Page 33 Menu bank operations (menu items B01 to B14) This unit allows four different complete sets of menu settings to be saved in what are termed “menu banks” numbered 1 to 4. Saved sets of menu settings can be recalled for use as required. To jump to menu item B01 You can recall any required menu item by turning the search dial after pressing the MENU button.
  • Page 34: Extended Menu

    5-3 Extended Menu 5-3-1 Items in the Extended Menu The extended menu contains the following items. In the “Settings” column of the table, the factory default settings are indicated by an enclosing box. Item number Item name Settings SELECTION FOR Select how the unit enters the search mode.
  • Page 35: Extended Menu Operations

    Item number Item name Settings DIGITAL AUDIO MUTE IN Set the digital audio muting conditions during shuttle playback. However, the SHUTTLE MODE digital audio signal is muted irrespective of this setting when the tape speed exceeds 24 times the normal speed. OFF : Not muted.
  • Page 37: Maintenance And Inspection

    6-2 Head Cleaning To clean the video heads and audio heads, always use Press the EJECT button and PLAY button the special-purpose Sony BCT-5CLN cleaning simultaneously. cassette. Follow the instructions with the cleaning cassette Head cleaning starts.
  • Page 38: Moisture Condensation

    6-3 Moisture Condensation When the unit is suddenly moved from a cold to a If this happens, the drum and capstan motors stop and warm location, or used in a very humid place, moisture the cassette is automatically ejected. Then, the durm from the air can condense on the head-drum.
  • Page 39: Digital Hours Meter

    6-4 Digital Hours Meter The hours meter can display eight items of Displaying the hours meter information, in corresponding display modes, about the operational history of the unit. Use it as a guide in scheduling periodic maintenance. Time data display Search dial Display modes of the hours meter H01: OPERATION mode...
  • Page 41: Appendix

    Specifications Cassette types General Betacam SX cassettes Betacam SP cassettes Recording format Betacam SX UVW cassettes Power requirements 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Power consumption Digital video system 190VA Peak inrush current Digital video signal system (1) Power ON, current probe method: 23A (240V) Sampling frequency (2) Hot switching inrush current, measured in Y: 13.5 MHz...
  • Page 42 Specifications Analog Betacam playback (DNW-A22) Video Item Metal tape Oxide tape Bandwidth (Luminance) 30 Hz to 4.1 MHz +0.5 dB/–6.0 dB S/N ratio Luminance 49 dB or more 47 dB or more Chrominance (AM/PM) 51 dB or more/51 dB or more 50 dB or more/50 dB or more K factor (2T pulse) 3% or less...
  • Page 43 Output connectors COMPOSITE VIDEO OUTPUT BNC (2 including 1 usable for character superimposition) 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω, Sync negative MONITOR OUTPUT (L/R) XLR 3-pin, male (2) +4 dBm at 60 Ω load, low impedance, balanced PHONES JM-60 stereo phone jack –∞...
  • Page 45 The material contained in this manual consists of information that is the property of Sony Corporation and is intended solely for use by the purchasers of the equipment described in this manual. Sony Corporation expressly prohibits the duplication of any...
  • Page 46 Printed in Japan Sony Corporation DNW-A22/A22P(SY, 1999.08.13 © 1997 Broadcasting & Professional Systems Company 3-860-915-03(1)

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