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Wash Cycle Information/Sanitized - Bosch SHE44C Use And Care Manual

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Wash Cycle Information
NOTE: To save energy, this dishwasher has a "Smart Control" that automatically adjust the cycle based on
soil loads and incoming water temperature. The "Smart Control" makes decisions that can cause the cycle
time and water usage to adjust at discrete times, and suddenly change in midcycle. The cycle times listed
in the Use and Care manual are based on normal soil loads and 120°F incoming water and will vary based
on your actual conditions.
See the Available Cycles Chart on page 10 to determine the cycles available for your specifi c model.
Note: On select models, the Half Load feature will reduce the water consumption by approximately 30
percent in the Power Scrub Plus, Regular and Auto Wash cycles.
A dishwasher or a dishwasher cycle that has the NSF symbol has been certifi ed by the NSF International
to meet very strict requirements of wash time and water temperature to ensure dishware and kitchenware
sanitization. These requirements are explained in the document NSF/ANSI 184, Residential Dishwashers.
More information on NSF Certifi cation is available at the NSF website,
Your dishwasher is NSF certifi ed. The dishwasher cycles that are NSF certifi ed are shown in the chart
above. When these cycles are complete, the "Sanitized" indicator on your dishwasher control panel will
NOTE: If your household water supply is too hot, your dishwasher's heating time may be reduced and the
"Sanitized" light or symbol may not illuminate. Your Dishwasher Installation Manual has information on the
recommended temperature for your household hot water supply.

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Table of Contents