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Honeywell 13270-01LB Data, Installation And Commissioning Manual page 21

Fire control and repeat panels, conventional 1, 2, 4 and 8 zone panel range
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Specification for the Control panel
Specification for control panel's Power supply
The control panel consists of single board containing both the control and indicating equipment and the power
supply. A 50VA mains transformer provides a low voltage (30Vac) supply into the power supply circuits. The on
board power supply circuits produce a regulated 24V dc supply, a 24V sounder supply and a battery charger
Note the control and monitoring of the power supply unit is under direct control of the microprocessor of the
control and indicating equipment.
Mains supply
Internal supply
24V supply (Feeds current limited
zone circuit & 24V fused output)
24V Sounder supply (Feeds fused
sounder circuit)
Battery Charger
Battery supply
Approved Batteries
Type and capacity
Maximum current
Final voltage
Installation requirements
EN54 Part 4 data
230V AC +10% -15% 50Hz
Fused at 3.15A
Typical standby power 6W
Maximum alarm power <60W (8 zone panel)
24V dc +2V -2V (or 24V +2V -4V battery operation)
current limited
<5% ripple voltage
24V dc +2V -2V (24V +2V -4V battery operation)
Current limited
<5% ripple voltage
Float voltage 27.3V +1% -1% @ 20degC
Compensation -36mV/K (nominal)
Current limited @ 400mA +20% -20%
Fused @ 3.15A
Reverse protection
12V, 2.1Ah YUASA
12V 2.8Ah YUASA
Sealed lead acid (value regulated)
2x12V, 2.1Ah min to 3.4Ah* max (1,2&4 zone panels)
2x12V, 2.8Ah min to 3.4Ah*max (8 zone panel)
* max capacity limited by internal panel size
1.6A (no mains present)
As per control panel
I min
-> 120uA
I maxa -> 21.6mA
I maxb -> 1.5A
Ri max-> 2W
UVLO -> 18.5V ± 1.5V
Fire Panels
4188-424 issue 4_Part 1_10-09


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