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Notes To Installers - Honeywell 13270-01LB Data, Installation And Commissioning Manual

Fire control and repeat panels, conventional 1, 2, 4 and 8 zone panel range
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Table of Contents
Fire Panels

Notes to installers

q The power-up and
commissioning is done by the
servicing organisation.
q The wires between the
termination point and terminals
should be short and straight
as possible.
q The cables of the fire detection
and alarm system and other
systems should usually be
separated by at least 160mm,
unless dedicated conduit or
ducting is used.
q Do not use any part of building
structure for earthing.
q The cable length between the
Repeat LED unit and respective
fire detector where used ,
should not exceed 10m.
q Cable Glands should be used
on the equipment for the mains
supply cable.
q Unused knockouts on product
enclosure that have been
removed, should not be left
Mains input terminal
block c/w mains fuse
Mains supply
to panel
Panel backbox
Figure 8 Panel cable entry and earth points
4188-424 issue 4_Part 1_10-09
It is recommended that the
installer follow the general
requirements of:
q BS5839:Part 1:2002 + A2:2008 ,
which is the code of practice
relating to the fire detection and
alarm systems for buildings .
q the relevant parts of the
BS 7671 Requirements for
Electrical Installation
Second fix
To prevent the possibility of
damage or dirt degrading the
performance or appearance of the
System products, the installation
of second fix items should be
delayed until all major building
work in the area is complete.
Fixtures and fittings
It is the installers responsibility to
· adequate fixtures and fittings
for the type of construction
surface onto which a product
is to be installed.
· as an aid to this decision, the
weight and overall size of
each full assembly together
with implications on cable
entries and routing should be
taken into consideration.
Zone Cable termination
NOTE: All these procedures
assume that the cable, gland,
steel box (BESA box) and other
related accessories are provided
by the installer.
As fitted wiring drawings
The installer should acquire:
q site specific information from
the interested parties, for details
on the location of products for
q the acquired information
together with this guide and the
relevant standards should be
used to assist the work.
Earth continuity
To maintain earth continuity, the
cable screen must be continued
through each system device,
whether the earth is connected to
a device or not.
NOTE: The cable from the main
panel to repeat panels if fitted
must be a screened cable.
Refer to Figure 8.
NOTE: Repeat panel link
cable entries are located
at the opposite end to the
mains cable entries, ie on
the Right Hand Side.
4-off earth points
Electronic assembly
Notes to installers
cable entry points

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents