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User Manual SICLOCK GPS1000
5.3. Precision
The absolute time precision for the individual DCF output interfaces is maximum 60 µs for the TTY interfaces and maximum 10 µs for the
RS232 interface. The relative precision is better than 3 µs for both interfaces.
The relative precision specifies the maximum deviation of two sequential impulses, the absolute precision the offset to the atom clock,
which supplies the whole GPS system. For connection to fewer than four satellites, the time precision of 20ms to 50ms which results from
the signal running time from satellites to the earth, must be added to the absolute times and in this case cannot be corrected by the receiver.
For connection to four satellites there is a precision of maximum 1µs for the receiver.
5.4. Antenna stand

Fig 11: Dimensioning Antenna Stand

The stand is fixed by means of 4 5mm countersunk head screws.
Version 1.0
Order number 2XV9450-1AR82-BA



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