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New Functions - Hitachi CU-UHD4000-S7 Operating Instructions Manual

Camera control unit
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New Functions

The camera control unit CU-UHD4000-S7 has the additional new functions to the
standard model by connection with the SK-UHD4000-S7 and CA-UHF4000-S7.
● Two 12G-SDI outputs for 4K signal
●Simultaneous 2K SDR and 4K HDR signal outputs
●Independent 2K DTL function
●BT.2020 matrix function for 4K signal
●HD output signal format display on Color Bars
●Moving Color Bars
●Audio test tones (400Hz & 1000Hz) on Color Bars
●CAM ID SUB display with up to twenty characters on Color Bars
●Return SDI signal with embedded audio can be output at the camera head and be
mixed in the intercom headset
●Optical level of both of the camera head and CCU display on PIX OUT
These New Functions are available with the following version or later version.
CPU software version: V1.00C or later version.
FPGA software version: V4.200 or later version.
SD-SDI outputs are eliminated from the standard model specifications.



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