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[step 2]upgrading The Usb Card Writer Module - Brother KIT CW Installation Manual

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CASE 1: When PE-DESIGN NEXT is not installed on the computer
Check the installation location, and then
click "Next".
• To install the application into a different
1. Click "Change".
2. In the "Change Current Destination
Folder" dialog box that appeared, select
the drive and folder. (If necessary, type in
the name of a new folder.)
3. Click "OK".
- The "Run" dialog box appears.
4. Click "Next" to install the application into
the selected folder.
• To return to the previous dialog box, click
• To cancel the installation, click "Cancel".
→ A dialog box appears, indicating that preparations
for installation are finished.
Click "Install" to install the application.
→ When the installation is completed, the following
dialog box appears.
Click "Finish" to complete the installation
of the software.
• If the dialog box calling for restarting the
computer appears, it is necessary to restart
the computer.
[Step 2] Upgrading the USB Card
Writer Module
In order to use PE-DESIGN NEXT + CW, the USB
card writer module must be upgraded after the
software has been upgraded. If the software is
updated from PE-DESIGN version 5 through 8, the
Upgrade Wizard starts up immediately after you
launch Layout & Editing. Follow the wizard
instructions to upgrade the USB card writer
module. If PE-DESIGN NEXT is already being used
with a different computer and the Upgrade Wizard
does not start up, continue with [Step 2] in
• It may not be possible to upgrade if a
firewall is turned on. Temporarily turn off the
firewall, and then try performing the
operation again.
• Each product ID is valid for only one USB
card writer module. A product ID that has
already been used cannot be used with a
different USB card writer module.
• Do not connect more than one USB card
writer module to the computer at a time.
• If the USB card writer module is not
upgraded, it can only be used the limited
number of times that the software can be
used. Be sure to upgrade the USB card
writer module using the following steps.
Connect the USB card writer module to the
computer's USB port, and then start Layout
& Editing.
→ The dialog box shown below appears.


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