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Attaching/Detaching the Stand

Before attaching (or detaching) the stand, unplug the AC
cord from the AC INPUT terminal.
Before performing work spread cushioning over the base
area to lay the TV on. This will prevent it from being damaged.
Attach the stand in the correct direction.
Do not remove the stand from the TV unless using an
optional wall mount bracket to mount it.
Be sure to follow the instructions. Incorrect installation
of the stand may result in the TV falling over.
Confi rm that there are 8 screws (4 short screws and 4
long screws) and a hex key supplied with the stand unit.
Attach the supporting post for the stand unit onto the
base using the box for the stand unit as shown below.
The supporting post attaches to the base at an off-centered
location on the base. Be sure to attach the supporting post
in the direction indicated below and attach the stand to the
TV with the wider side of the base facing forward.
Insert the stand into the openings on the bottom
of the TV.
Insert and tighten the 4 short screws into the 4
holes on the rear of the TV.
Short screws
Soft cushion
To detach the stand, perform the steps in reverse order.
Hex key
Long screws
Hex key

Setting the TV on the Wall

This TV should be mounted on the wall only with the
AN-52AG4 (SHARP) wall mount bracket. The use of
other wall mount brackets may result in an unstable
installation and may cause serious injuries.
Installing the TV requires special skill that should
only be performed by qualifi ed service personnel.
Customers should not attempt to do the work
themselves. SHARP bears no responsibility for
improper mounting or mounting that results in
accident or injury.
Using an optional bracket to mount the TV
You can ask a qualifi ed service professional about
using an optional AN-52AG4 bracket to mount the
TV to the wall.
Carefully read the instructions that come with the
bracket before beginning work.
Hanging on the wall
AN-52AG4 wall mount bracket.
(See the bracket instructions for details.)
Vertical mounting
About setting the TV angle
Detach the cable clamp on the rear of the TV when using
the optional mount bracket.
To use this TV mounted on a wall, remove the covers at the
4 locations on the rear of the TV, and then use the screws
supplied with the wall mount bracket to secure the bracket
to the rear of the TV.
Angular mounting
The "d" position is at the
center of the display.
Refer to the operation
manual of AN-52AG4 for

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents