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Music system for ipod
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Alarm and sleep operation

The unit turns on and play desired source (iPod, TUNER or AUX) or
Buzzer sound for 30 minutes.
Before setting the alarm:
1 Check that the clock is set to the correct time (refer page 13).
If it is not set, you cannot use the alarm function.
2 For iPOD playback: insert iPod to the unit. (refer page 15)
3 For TUNER: Set preset memory. (refer page 18)
Setting the alarm content
Press and hold the ALARM button for more than 2 seconds.
Press the
button to select source or buzzer.
Press the ALARM button.
If TUNER is selected, press the
preset station. Press the ALARM button.
Press the
button to adjust the hour.
Press the ALARM button.
Press the
button to adjust the minute.
Press the ALARM button.
If other than BUZZER is selected in step 2, press the
or VOL (+ or –) button to select volume.
Press the ALARM button.
Changing alarm source only
After source is selected in step 2, press and hold the ALARM
If TUNER is selected, press and hold the ALARM button after
preset station is selected in step 3.
The time and volume will be automatically set to the previous
Activating and deactivating the alarm
1 Press the ALARM ON/OFF button on main unit to activate and
2 Set to CLOCK function, stand-by mode or demonstration mode.
Checking the alarm setting
Press the ALARM button.
The selected source or buzzer type will blink.
The unit will display the alarm time for 3 seconds.
During stand-by mode, the display will remain for 6 seconds.
Example: The time is 10:00 AM and iPod function is selected.
Buzzer sound will be output from right speaker only.
Alarm will not activate during power on mode.
When iPod is selected in step 2, if iPod unit is not detected during
alarm activation, source will automatically change to BUZZER 1.
button to select a
When performing alarm using another unit connected to AUX,
select AUX in step 2. The unit will turn on and enter the stand-by
mode automatically, however, the connected unit to AUX will not
turn on or off.
Once alarm has started, pressing the SNOOZE/DIMMER button will
stop playback for 5 minutes.
Once the snooze time has expired, playback will continue.
To turn off the alarm function
During alarm or snooze, press the ALARM ON/OFF button to turn off.
deactivate the alarm function. When activated:
During power on, "ALARM" will appear.
During stand-by mode, ALARM indicator will light up.
Snooze function

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Table of Contents

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