Trouble Shooting - Samsung BabyView SEW-3057W User Manual

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Carefully unpack the camera.
If you are installing cameras that did not come with the system, please see the
pairing camera section of this manual for details on installation.
Mount the camera to the wall.
Mark the position of the screw hole on the wall, and
drill a hole and insert a screw. Then firmly attach the
camera to the wall by placing the stand over the
installed screw and pushing the base downwards.
To install on a concrete wall, drill a hole and use plastic
anchor to fix.
The camera can also be placed on a flat surface, such
as a table or shelf, and no mounting hardware is required.
Adjust the viewing angle of the camera.
Use the Pan, tilt control from the monitor to adjust the
viewing angle of the camera.
Adjusting the camera with excessive force may
damage the unit.
No picture from a
1. Check all connections to the camera. Make sure the adapter is plugged in.
2. Make sure that the cameras and monitor are both ON.
3. Make sure that the camera is in range of the monitor.
4. Make sure the camera and monitor are paired.
5. Adjust the monitor antenna to a vertical position.
The picture is or has
The picture may become choppy when experiencing a lower frame rate
become choppy
(i.e. 10 frames per second vs. a higher 20 frames per second).
1. Try moving the camera closer to the monitor.
2. Remove obstructions between the monitor and camera.
3. Adjust the monitor antenna to a vertical position.
No sounds (even with
1. Make sure that the power adapter is connected to the camera.
both units turned on)
2. The battery on the monitor may be dead, be sure to charge it using the
adapter included.
3. The monitor may be out of range from the camera.
Your BrightVIEW is
emitting an high
This sound is normal feedback which occurs if the monitor and camera are too
pitched noise/
close together. Move them further apart.
Monitor screen is
Restart your monitor and check the connection to the camera. If the baby monitor
displays the "Out of Range" message, move the monitor closer to the camera.
Low batteries will cause the supply current to become unstable and will affect the quality
of the video/audio. Please charge the battery fully for use for superior video.
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