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How To Install - Samsung BabyView SEW-3057W User Manual

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16 · How to Install
oW to Install
CAUTION: If you use the system to watch a young child, do not place the camera within
the child's reach.
Wireless Monitor
Place the monitor in an area that provides clear reception to your camera(s).
Pull out the stand.
Do not pull up the stand lever with excessive
Wireless Camera
Before you install the camera, carefully plan where
and how it will be positioned, and where you will route
the cable that connects the camera to the power adapter.
Before starting permanent installation, verify its performance by observing the image
on the monitor when camera is positioned in the same location/position where it will be
permanently installed and the monitor is placed in the location where it will be used
most of the time.
Installation Warnings
Aim the camera(s) to best optimize the viewing area: Select a location for the camera
that provides a clear view of the area you want to monitor, which is free from dust, and
is not in line-of-sight to a strong light source or direct sunlight.
Avoid installing the camera where there are thick walls or obstructions between the
camera and the monitor.
STRANGULATION HAZARD - Keep cord out of child's reach. NEVER place camera or
cords within 3 feet of crib or playpen. Never use extension cords with AC Adapters.
Only use the AC Adapters provided.

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