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Mini HI-FI
Component System
Operating Instructions
Getting Started
USB Device
Sound Adjustment
Other Operations
Additional Information


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 4-270-420-12(1) Mini HI-FI Getting Started Component System Disc Tuner Operating Instructions USB Device Sound Adjustment Other Operations Additional Information MHC-GTR888/GTR777/GTR555/GTR333...
  • Page 2 WARNING • “WALKMAN” and “WALKMAN” logo To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do are registered trademarks of Sony not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. Corporation. To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the •...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Precautions ........ 31 Receiving RDS broadcasts..15 Specifications ......32 USB Device Before using the USB device with this system......15 In this manual, the MHC-GTR888 is Transferring music .....16 used for illustration purpose unless Playing a file ......19 stated otherwise. Sound Adjustment Adjusting the sound ....20...
  • Page 4: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to parts and controls This manual mainly explains operations using the unit, but the same operations can also be performed using the buttons on the remote control having the same or similar names. Unit * MHC-GTR888/MHC-GTR777 only.
  • Page 5 Remote control RM-AMU053 Unit: / / / Select the menu items. +/– (select folder) Select a folder on an MP3 disc or a USB device. BAND m/M (rewind/fast forward) Hold down to find a point in a track or file during playback.
  • Page 6 FUNCTION Unit: PRESET EQ Remote control: EQ Select a function. Select the sound effect (page 20). Unit: CD/DISC SKIP Unit: GROOVE Select the CD function. Select a disc during CD function. Reinforce the bass. Unit: USB/USB SELECT Unit: DJ EFFECT (page 21) Select the USB function.
  • Page 7 CLOCK/TIMER SELECT (page 23) CLOCK/TIMER SET (page 11, 23) Set the clock and the timers. REPEAT/FM MODE Listen to a disc, a USB device, a single track or file repeatedly (page 13, 20). Select the FM reception mode (monaural or stereo) (page 14). CLEAR Delete the last step from the program list.
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    4 To satellite speaker (left) 5 To subwoofer (right) 6 To subwoofer (left) 7 To subwoofer TV IN AUDIO AUDIO DVD/PC IN FRONT (MHC-GTR888/ SPEAKER MHC-GTR777 only) SATELLITE FRONT SPEAKERS SUBWOOFER SPEAKERS B is different SUBWOOFER depending on the model.
  • Page 9 A Antennas D TV IN L/R jacks Find a location and an orientation that Use an audio cord (not supplied) to provide good reception, and then set up connect to the audio output jacks of a TV. the antennas. The TV sound is output through this Keep the antennas away from the speaker system.
  • Page 10: Positioning The Speakers

    0.3 m (supplied) to the catcher holes on top of the subwoofer. Spacer A * (MHC-GTR888 only) Before you place the Catcher hole satellite speaker on top of the subwoofer, be sure to put the Spacer A on the subwoofer. See Subwoofer step 1 of “Installing”...
  • Page 11: Setting The Clock

    Press ./> repeatedly to set speaker the minutes, then press ENTER. Check that the woofer of the satellite right speaker is near to the unit. Turn the SONY emblem on the satellite right speaker to horizontal position. Woofer Satellite right SONY...
  • Page 12: Disc

    Using play mode Disc Playing an AUDIO CD/ Playing in original order (Normal Play) MP3 disc Press PLAY MODE on the remote control Press CD/DISC SKIP. repeatedly when playback is stopped. • ALL DISC: all discs Press Z OPEN/CLOSE. • 1 DISC: a disc Load a disc with the label side •...
  • Page 13 Repeat steps 3 to 5 to program Creating your own program additional tracks or files. (Program Play) Press N to start Program Play. You can make a program of up to 25 steps in the order you want them to be played To cancel Program Play back.
  • Page 14: Tuner

    To change the AM tuning interval Tuner The default setting for AM tuning interval is 9 kHz (or 10 kHz for some areas). You Listening to the radio cannot change the AM tuning interval in Power Saving Mode. Use the buttons on the unit to perform this Use the buttons on the remote control to operation.
  • Page 15: Receiving Rds Broadcasts

    This system offers convenient devices. RDS features, such as Program Service For customers in Latin America: name display. RDS is available only for <> FM stations.* For customers in other countries/regions: * Not all FM stations provide RDS service, nor <>...
  • Page 16: Transferring Music

    Connect the USB device to the Transferring music from a disc A or B port on the unit. You can easily transfer all the music on a Press USB/USB SELECT disc to a USB device (CD-USB repeatedly to select “USB A” or Synchronized Transfer).
  • Page 17 To create a new MP3 file Press ENTER. Press REC TO USB B. Transferring starts when “DON’T “NEW TRACK” appears in the display REMOVE” appears in the display panel. panel. If you press REC TO USB B again after a few seconds, a new MP3 file cannot be For CD-USB Synchronized created.
  • Page 18 For USB A-USB B REC1 Analog Transferring Transferring: Transferring Folder name File name source Select the audio file you want to transfer, then start playback. “TUFM0001”* “TRACK001”* “TUAM0001”* Press REC TO USB B. “EXTV0001”* “PUSH ENTER” appears in the DVD/PC “EXDP0001”* display panel.
  • Page 19: Playing A File

    ® To erase audio files or folders from • When connecting a Walkman to the system, be sure to connect after the display “Creating the USB device Library” or “Creating Database” on the ® Walkman has disappeared. Connect a USB device to the B port on the unit.
  • Page 20: Sound Adjustment

    Note Sound Adjustment When you turn off the system, the selected Shuffle Play is cleared and the play mode returns to Normal Play. Adjusting the sound Creating your own program (Program Play) Do this See page 13. Reinforce the Press GROOVE bass and create repeatedly.
  • Page 21: Creating Your Own Sound Effect

    To adjust the subwoofer level To call up the user equalizer setting (MHC-GTR888/MHC-GTR777/ Press PRESET EQ (or EQ on the remote control) repeatedly to select “USER EQ”. MHC-GTR555 only) Press OPTIONS. Creating a party Press repeatedly to select “SUBWOOFER”, then press atmosphere ENTER.
  • Page 22: Other Operations

    Singing along The system offers three timer functions. You cannot activate both the Play Timer (MHC-GTR888/MHC-GTR777 only) and the Recording Timer at the same time. If you use either with the Sleep Timer, the You can sing along with any audio source Sleep Timer has priority.
  • Page 23: Changing The Display

    For Recording Timer: Changing the display Tune to the preset radio station (page 14). Changing the display mode Press CLOCK/TIMER SET. Press ./> repeatedly to Press DISPLAY on the remote select “PLAY SET” or “REC control repeatedly while the SET”, then press ENTER. system is turned off.
  • Page 24: Using Optional Equipment

    Changing the brightness of the Using optional display panel equipment Press OPTIONS. Connect an optional equipment Press repeatedly to select (page 8). “DIMMER”, then press ENTER. Turn VOLUME counterclockwise Press repeatedly to select to reduce the volume. the brightness setting you want, Press FUNCTION repeatedly to then press ENTER.
  • Page 25: Additional Information

    Note on DualDiscs Additional Information A DualDisc is a two sided disc product which mates DVD recorded material on one side with digital audio material on the Playable discs other side. However, since the audio • AUDIO CD material side does not conform to the •...
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Sony dealer. There is acoustic feedback. • Reduce the volume. General • (MHC-GTR888/MHC-GTR777 only) Move the microphone away from the The clock or timer setting is canceled. speakers or change the direction of the microphone.
  • Page 27 “LOCKED” appears in the display and Version 2(2.2/2.3). panel. • The character code that can be displayed • Consult your nearest Sony dealer or by this system are as follows: local authorized Sony service facility. – Upper cases (A to Z) –...
  • Page 28 USB device. If this the power was turned off during the display pattern persists, contact your erase operation. Delete the partially- nearest Sony dealer. erased file. If this does not fix the problem, the USB device may be Erroneous display.
  • Page 29 • Connect a commercially available (page 19). external antenna. Audio file cannot be played back. • Consult your nearest Sony dealer if the • MP3 files in MP3 PRO format cannot be supplied AM antenna has come off the played back.
  • Page 30: Messages

    USB device Messages DATA ERROR You tried to play back a file that is not Disc/Timer playable. NO DISC DEVICE ERROR There is no disc on the disc tray or you The USB device could not be recognized have loaded a disc that cannot be played or an unknown device is connected.
  • Page 31: Precautions

    READING On safety The system is reading information of the • Completely disconnect the power cord (mains lead) from the wall outlet (mains) if it is not USB device. Some buttons are not going to be used for an extended period of available.
  • Page 32: Specifications

    Voltage 1.2 V, impedance 47 k 100 Hz) DVD/PC (AUDIO IN) L/R Voltage 1.2 V, impedance 47 k MHC-GTR777 MIC (MHC-GTR888/MHC-GTR777 only) Front/Satellite speaker Sensitivity 1 mV, impedance 10 k Power Output (rated): B port: Type A 190 W + 190 W (at 4 , 1 kHz,...
  • Page 33 Disc player section Speakers System Front speaker Compact disc and digital audio system SS-GTR888 for MHC-GTR888 Laser Diode Properties SS-GTR777 for MHC-GTR777 Emission Duration: Continuous SS-GTR555 for MHC-GTR555 Laser Output*: Less than 44.6 W SS-GTR333 for MHC-GTR333 * This output is the value measurement...
  • Page 34 SS-WGR777 for MHC-GTR777 R6 (Size AA) batteries (2) SS-WGR555 for MHC-GTR555 FM lead/AM loop antenna (1) Subwoofer system Spacer A (MHC-GTR888 only) (2) 1-way, Bass reflex Spacer B (MHC-GTR888 only) (2) Speaker unit Subwoofer: Design and specifications are subject to SS-WGR888/SS-WGR555: 250 mm, change without notice.
  • Page 36 ©2011 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...

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