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Additional Information; Playable Discs - Sony MHC-GTR888 Operating Instructions Manual

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Additional Information

Playable discs

– audio data
– MP3 files that conforms to ISO9660
Level 1/Level 2, or Joliet (expansion
• MP3 (MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3) is a standard
format defined by ISO (International
Organization for Standardization) which
compresses audio data. MP3 files must be in
MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3 format.
• The system can only play back MP3 files that
have a file extension of ".mp3".
Discs that cannot be played back
• CD-R/CD-RW recorded in MP3 PRO
• CD-R/CD-RW which has the following
– Recorded in MP3 PRO format.
– Recorded in multisession that have not
ended by "closing the session"
– Recorded with an incompatible
recording device
– Poor recording quality
– Scratches or dirty
– Finalized incorrectly
• Discs of non-standard shape (for
example, heart, square, star)
• Discs that have adhesive tape, paper, or
sticker attached to them
• Rental or used discs with attached seals
where the glue extends beyond the seal
• Discs that have labels printed using ink
that feels tacky when touched
Note on DualDiscs
A DualDisc is a two sided disc product
which mates DVD recorded material on
one side with digital audio material on the
other side. However, since the audio
material side does not conform to the
Compact Disc (CD) standard, playback
on this product is not guaranteed.
Music discs encoded with copyright
protection technologies
This product is designed to play back
discs that conform to the Compact Disc
(CD) standard. Recently, various music
discs encoded with copyright protection
technologies are marketed by some record
companies. Please be aware that among
those discs, there are some that do not
conform to the CD standard and may not
be playable by this product.
Notes on playing multisession discs
• This system can play back multisession
discs when an MP3 file is contained in
the first session. Any subsequent MP3
files recorded in later sessions can also
be played back.
• If the first session is recorded in AUDIO
CD format, only the first session will be
played back.


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