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Precautions When Handling The Panel - Samsung UH46N-E User Manual

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Leaving the screen fixed on a stationary image for an extended period of time may cause
afterimage burn-in or defective pixels.
When you do not use the product for a long time, activate power-saving mode or set
the screen saver to moving-picture mode.
Do not use or keep combustible spray or an inflammable substance near the product.
An explosion or fire may result.
Use only the specified standardised batteries, and do not use a new battery and a used
battery at the same time.
Otherwise, the batteries may be damaged or cause fire, personal injury or damage due
to a leakage of the internal liquid.
Do not watch the product screen too closely and continuously for a long time.
Your eyesight may deteriorate.
Do not lift or move the product when it is in operation.
Do not touch the screen when the product has been turned on for an extended period of
time as it will become hot.
When using headphones or earphones, do not turn the volume too high or use them for a
long time.
Damage to your hearing may result.

Precautions when handling the panel

Do not stand the product as shown in the image. The panel is fragile
and can get damaged.
Lay the product down to handle it as shown in the image. (the
packaging can be used).
Ensure you use the handles on the back when moving the product.
Do not hold or grasp any area of the product within 15 mm from the
15 mm


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