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Questions And Answers - Kenmore 85951 Use And Care Manual

Sears microwave oven user manual
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is wrong when the oven light will not glow during cooking or when the oven door is open?
A. There may be several
why the oven light will not glow. Perhaps:
• TIME has not been set.
• The light bulb has burned
has not been touched.
does steam come out of the grill work?
A. Steam is normally produced
during cooking. The microwave
oven has been designed to vent this steam
out the grill work.
Q. Will the microwave
oven be damaged
if it operates
A. Yes. Never operate
the oven empty or without the glass tray.
Q. Does microwave
energy pass through
the viewing screen in the door?
A. No. The metal screen bounces
back the energy back into the oven cavity. The holes (or ports) are made
to allow light to pass
They do not let microwave
energy pass through.
Q. Why does the "beep tone" sound when a "pad" on the control
panel is touched?
A. The "beep tone" sounds
to assure
that the setting is being properly entered.
Q.Why does the display show "0:00'?
A. This indicates
that there has been a temporary
loss of electrical power to the oven, and the TIME OF
DAY must be reset. Prolonged loss of power can also result in loss of programmable
recipes. Be sure they
are properly recorded,
so that they can be reentered.
my microwave
oven be damaged
if food is cooked for too long a period of time?
A. Like any other cooking appliance,
!t is possible to overcook food to the point of destruction
which may
result in the food creating smoke and even possible fire damage to the inside of the oven. It is always best
to attend
the oven while it is in the cooking process.
See "Important
Safety Instructions"
on page 3.
Q.Why does the exhaust
fan start when the FAN key is not touched?
A. High temperature
air from the heating surface below can cause an overheating
condition of the Oven,
and may damage it. The exhaust fan will start automatically
to cool off the oven and prevent damage to it.
Q. When the oven is plugged into a wall outlet for the first time, it might not work properly. What is wrong?
A. Only when the oven is plugged in for the first time or when power resumes after a power in terruption, the
used in the oven control
may temporarily
and fail to
as programmed.
Unplug the oven from the 120.volt household
outlet and then plug it back in. The microcomputer
will be
reset for proper function
Q. Why do I see light reflection
around the outer case?
A. This light is from the oven light which is located outside the oven cavity.



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