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Kenmore 85951 Use And Care Manual

Sears microwave oven user manual
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Sears Best
Use and Care
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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 85951

  • Page 1 USE & CARE MANUAL STOCK NO. 85951 KNOW YOUR UNI1 Read this booklet you will be abale to enioy all the features in your Kenmore Microwave Oven: Record in space provided below the Model No. and the Serial No. found...
  • Page 2 Probe into the socket inside the cavity. oven. purposes. This Sears Kenmore SAFETY CERTIFICATION is designed and thoroughly tested complies with safety Services.
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY When using electrical appliances WARNING-To reduce theriskof electric shock, fire, injury to persons excessive microwave energy: Read all instructions before using the appliance. Read follow the specific "PRECAUTIONS AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE CESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY" Page 2. 3. As with most cooking...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Recipe ,300 ... oUse of Quantity key ... • Programming New Recipes Utensils ... Care and Cleaning Questions and Answers ... Before Calling for Service ... Sears Service ... Sears Warranty Cooking Cooking ... 16--18 21--24 25--26 29--31 29--31 33--35...
  • Page 5: Location Of Model Number Label

    MODEL NUMBER To make a request for service, information or replacement of your microwave oven. The number is on the inner left side of the control panel. (You must open the door to see the number). The number will look like this: 564.8000000.
  • Page 6: Installation

    If you have any question on installation, please contact your Sears sales person or local Sears Service Center. A mounting space of 33" or more from the surface of cooktop to the bottom of kitchen top cabinet, and at least 30"...
  • Page 7: Names Of Oven Parts

    Use and Care Manual ... Easy Use Chart Card ... Installation Instruction Manual ... Top Cabinet Template ... Wall Template Hardware Package Damper/duct Connector Do not use this Sears Kenmore Microwave made for household use only. PARTS Easy-clean acrylic finish Hood bottom...
  • Page 8: Oven Control Panel

    OVEN CONTROL Stop Time--Used in setting Delay-Start cooking. be finished at the preset stop time. Time of Day--Used in setting Time of Day. Numbers--Used to enter the: • Time of day. • Delay-start time. • Cooking times. • Cooking powers. •...
  • Page 9: Use Instructions--Cooking Guide

    USE INSTRUCTIONS--COOKING GUIDE "HI-POWER" COOKING "HI" gives the highest power cooking possible with your microwave oven. It is the recommended cooking foods with high moisture content or for cooking foods that need fast cooking to maintain flavor and texture. Your Kenmore Microwave cookbook will tell you which foods are cooked best using...
  • Page 10: Easy Use Chart

    EASY USE CHART Your new solid state control system allows TIME OF DAY To set: I,Touch CLEAR. 2. "]'ouch TIME OF DAY. 3. Touch numbers for correct time o( day. 4, Touch TIME OF DAY,* "This "locks" in the time and starLs the clock running.
  • Page 11: Recall And Change Of Settings

    RECALL AND CHANGE To Recall a Setting To recall (check) a setting before you start the oven, follow the dil:ec!ions below. • To check the setting for a given stage, touch MEMORY/RECALL light and indicator light turns on. The set TIME or TEMP CONTROL for that stage will show in the display window.
  • Page 12: Regular Timer

    REGULAR TIMER Your oven also has a timer that can be used for noncooking not running. The timer is simply counting down in seconds. For detailed instructions on using this timer, see below. To use the regular timer feature: I. Touch CLEAR. 2.
  • Page 13: Hi-Power" Cooking

    "HI-POWER" COOKING I. Touch CLEAR. and a beep tone will be heard. The CLEAR erases all previous senings. 2. Touch TIME. The light_ above COOK 1 will go on. C0" will show in the display window.) 3. Touch the correct numbers on the control the cooking...
  • Page 14: Cooking Guide For "Multi-Power" Settings

    HIGH * Approxlmate watts as measured As you get to know your microwave oven. you may find that a particular setting is too low or too high for the results you desire. Multiple-power control gives you the means to obtain greater precision in setting power levels. For instance, if you...
  • Page 15: Multi-Power" Cooking

    "MULTI-POWER" Many foods need slower cooking (at less than full power) in order to give you the best results. In addition to "HI" there are ninety-nine multi-power settings. The cookbook tells you which power setting is recommended To Cook with "Multi-Power"...
  • Page 16 3. Choose the doneness Page 17. Set the temperature TROL. 4. Microwave power'* set_ng. The microwave oven will turn itself off when the preset temperature is reached. Sensitive food out of the oven as soon as the display window shows "End".
  • Page 17 "TEMPERATURE CONTROL" • Place temperature probe sensor parl of the meat in the center reheated. Avoid bone or fat, touching • Check that first inch of the sensor part of the food to be cooked. • Remove temperature probe use, •...
  • Page 18 • Select "multi-power" • The microwave oven will stop cooking when the set temperature when "Hold Warm" is set. the side of socket •...
  • Page 19: Temperature Controlled Cooking

    TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED COOKING The "Temperature Controlled Meat Cooking Guide" and "Reheating multi-power setting and dc_leness temperature temperature controlled settings, the timer is not used. 1. Place the temperature probe into the food with the first inch of the sensor in the center of the food. The probe should be in a level direction or on an angle as shown.
  • Page 20: Temperature Controlled "Multi-Power" Cooking

    TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED COOKING The "'Temperature Controlled Meat Cooking Guide" and "Reheating multi-power setting and temperature I. Place the temperature probe into the food with the first inch of the sensor in the center of the food. See step 1 on page 19. 2.
  • Page 21: Automatic Defrost

    AUTOMATIC DEFROST Three defrost sequences are preset in tile oven. The "Amo Defrost" feature provides you with the best &,frosting method for frozen foods. "'Amo defrosting charT'" on pages 23 and 24 will show you which def,ost sequence defrosting. AUTO DEFROST SEQUENCE LIST...
  • Page 22 AUTOMATIC DEFROST EXAMPLE: To defrost 2 pounds 1. Touch CLEAR. 2. Touch "DEF 1". The light below AUTO DEFROST will go on and "dEFI" will show in the display window. Enter the weight of the ground beef by touching "2" and then _"...
  • Page 23 AUTO DEFROSTING CHART This chart shows which defrost sequence "Auto Defrost" fealure. SEQUENCE " FOOD DEFROST BEEF beef Ground Round steak Flank steak Tenderloin steak Chuck roast Stew beef LAMB Cubed for stew Ground lamb Chops I inch thick PORK Chops, 1J2 inch thick Spareribs...
  • Page 24 AUTO DEFROSTING SEQUENCE DEFROST BEEF Rib roast, rolled Rump roast Sirloin tip roast LAMB PORK Roast VEAL Roast VARIETY Tongue, whole TURKEY Whole Breast Drumsticks Roast, DEFROST FISH Fish fillets Fish steak Whole fish SEAFOOD Lobster tails Crabmeat Shrimp CHART (ConCd) FOOD Use a microproof...
  • Page 25: Multi-Stage Cooking

    MULTI-STAGE COOKING Multi.Stage cooking allows you to set the oven to cook in one stage at a certain temperature and then in a second, temperature. The cooking process can be set for five memory The stages are set before .cooking and will follow Touch CLEAR.
  • Page 26 MULTI-STAGE COOKING Second Sta_le minutes: power level 70) 6. Touch PAUSE. light below COOK 2 will go on. The display window will show 7. Touch TIME. 8. Set 3 minutes touching "'3", "0" and "0". "300" will show in the display window. 9.
  • Page 27: Delay-Start Cooking

    DELAY START COOKING Delay Start cooking can be done by starting cooking time. 1, Touch CLEAR, 2. Touch STOP TIME. • The light at fight of DELAY START goes A display window will read "0:00". 3. Touch numbers for the time of day to finish cooking.
  • Page 28: Whole Meal Cooking

    WHOLE MEAL COOKING (See Cookbook for detailed Whole Meal cooking lets you cook T_o or more the same time, nor be removed at the same time. oven will stop between stages for time Io add or remo,:'e food. I. Place the Metal Rack in guides on the side wall of oven cavity as shown.
  • Page 29 RESET RECIPE COOKING Auto Recipe 3 Customer plus 300 recipes shown in the cookbook have been stored in this oven. By touching the recipe number corresponding recipe, cooking can be done. These 300 recipes have been preset, so you can not erase or substitute You can program 3 more favorite recipes in Recipes # 301-303.
  • Page 30: Preset Recipe Cooking

    PRESET RECIPE 4. Touch START, second stage will begin. "600" will show in the display window. The oven will begin to cook at "'HI" power level time will begin to counl down in the display window. When the 6 minutes are over, a tone will...
  • Page 31: Ouse Of Quantity Key

    PRESET RECIPE COOKING of Quantity • To increase Quantity of Preset Recipes. The times, temperature-and power levels for the 300 preset recipe cookings food cooked in some preset recipes can be increased up to 5.9 times the Base Quantity light at the right of QUANTITY will turn on to indicate that you can use the QUANTITY To increase quantity...
  • Page 32: Utensils

    UTENSILS MATERIALS IN YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN OVENPROOF GLASS Ovenware (treated for high-intensity dishes, bread dishes, pie plates, measuring cups, casseroles and bowls trimming. CHINA Bowls, cups, serving pieces, plates and platters without metallic trimming. POTTERY Dishes, cups, mugs and serving pieces without trimming.
  • Page 33: Care And Cleaning

    CARE AND CLEANING Wipe the microwave inside and out. and the hood bottom cover outside with a soft cloth and a mild detergent solution. Then rinse and wipe dry. Use a chrome cleaner and polish on chrome, metal and aluminum surface This should be done on a weekly basismore powders or pads.
  • Page 34 • Stirrer shield The oven insidetop (stirrer shteid)can be gently wiped in place or removed for washing at the sinkl Excessiveoil spatterson the inside top (stirrer shield) will make them difficultto remove, if left for many days. Wipe them with a wet paper towel especially after cooking chicken or bacon. The stirrer shield sets in slots along the sides and in the rear of the oven and is held by three tabs in front.
  • Page 35 (Required when unit is not Vented iO outSlde) The hood ventilation filters th_ air a_d discharge_ it back inid I_itche_i_rough ihe charcoal Filter_Stocl No. 84126 which may be 6rdered at a Sears retail store Or Sears cataiog, if the exhaust ai_" isnot vented to the outside of house.
  • Page 36: Questions And Answers

    QUESTIONS OPERATION Q.What is wrong when the oven light will not glow during cooking or when the oven door is open? A. There may be several • TIME has not been set. • The light bulb has burned • START has not been touched.
  • Page 37 QUESTIONS FOODS Q.Whal is wrong when baked foods have a hard, dry, brown spot? A. A hard, dry, brown spot shows overcooking. Q.Why do eggs sometimes pop? A. When baking, frying or poaching To prevent this, simply pierce the yolk with a toothpick CAUTION: Never microwave Q.Why...
  • Page 38: Before Calling For Service

    Supplied glass tray must be used.- Turn or stir food.- Completely Use correct Time/Power oven fails to work properly, locate the Sears Service Center. Sears Service defrost food.- Control setting.- Use correct Temp Control setting. Check to see that oven ventilation --...
  • Page 39: Sears Service

    WE SELL" "We Service What We Sell" is our assurance Service is nationwide. Your Sears Kenmore Microwave Oven has added value when you consider that Sears has a service unit near you, staffed by Sears Trained Technicians--professional Microwave Ovens, having the parts, tools and equipment Service What We Sell!"...

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