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Regular Timer; Hold Warm - Kenmore 85951 Use And Care Manual

Sears microwave oven user manual
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Your oven also has a timer that can be used for noncooking
functions. When used as a regular timer, the oven is
not running. The timer is simply counting down in seconds. For detailed instructions on using this timer, see below.
To use the regular timer feature:
I. Touch CLEAR.
2. Touch TIME.
3. Touch correct numbers for time.
5. Touch "0" (power level 0).
6. Touch START. The time will begin counting down in the display window with no cooking or heating in the
oven. A tone will sound and the word "'End"will show in the display window for 2 seconds when the time
is over.
Your oven has a "Hold Warm" feature that keeps the food warm after :he cooking is done.
To use the "Hold Warm" feature:
1. Touch CLEAR.
2. Set the desired cooking Cycle following suitable operating
on pages 13 through 31 in
this manual.
3. Touch HOLD WARM.
4. Touch START. When the cooking cycle is over, the oven will switch into "Hold Warm" to keep the food
warm. "Hold" will show in the Display Windqw. The cook control setting changes to Power Level 1. The
"Hold Warm" will continue for up to 100 minutes or until the door has been opened or STOP has
been touched.
If you want to keep your cooked food warm, the "Hold Warm" feature can be used independently
setting the cooking cycle.
To use the "Hold Warm" feature independently:
1. Touch CLEAR.
2. Touch HOLD WARM.
3. Touch START.
The oven will begin to keep the food warm with power level I for up to 100 minutes or until the door has been
or STOP has been touched.



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