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Kenmore  1700 Owner's Manual
Kenmore  1700 Owner's Manual

Kenmore 1700 Owner's Manual

11 gallon central humidifier


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Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.



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Summary of Contents for Kenmore KENMORE 1700

  • Page 1 Kenmore 1700 11 GALLON CENTRAL HUMIDIFIER Installation Maintenance Repair Parts Troubleshooting Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
  • Page 2 Please read the instructions before you install and use your humidifier. This will help you obtain the full value from the humidifier. It will also help you avoid any needless service cost, if the problem is something we cannot control and cannot cover in our Warranty.
  • Page 3 THANK YOU? Thank you for selecting a Sears Humidifier. It will provide years of service if you give it a little care, UNDERSTANDING HUMIDITY Humidity can be puzzling, it cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted. Many people do not understand what a humidi- fier will or will not do.
  • Page 4 Humidifier should be installed so that if the humidifier or any other connections should leak, the resulting flow of water will not cause damage. Under no condition is Sears and the manu- facturer to be held liable for any water damage in connection with this humidifier.
  • Page 5 (This fiber duct installation hardware is not supplied and must be pur- chased from your local hardware store.) cation for humidifier.
  • Page 6 _.5" Minimum Clearance Humidifier Plenum---> Mount the humidifier to the hot air plenum using the three screws provided. Bend the two tabs 180 ° inward to seal the humidifier to the Plenum (Fig. 12). Bend 2 Tabs - Inward 180°...
  • Page 7 Rubber MOUNTING SADDLE VALVE Unwind the rest of the tubing. Take care not to kink it. Run the tubing along flat surfaces to the humidifier. Support the tubing as needed to avoid contact with furnace. __ O Close previously opened faucet. Turn on main wa- ter supply.
  • Page 8 Make sure 1/8" air space is between wall and backplate to allow air circulation using wire nuts. (Wire nuts Purchase them from your local Sears Hardware into 120 VAC outlet. Do not humidifies only when furnace If the installation...
  • Page 9 Some furnaces have higher pressures than others. This could result in air travelling at high speed through the humidifier. This can cause droplets of water to be picked up and splashed ally a coating of lime will build up. It could in extreme cases, cause leaking of water from the humidifier.
  • Page 10 Frequently what seems to be a major problem can be solved very easily. Listed below are the common concerns with any humidifier. Check the simple things first. Remove the front panel and see if there is a crusty, white lime build-up on the media pad. The lime build- up won't hurt the humidifier, but will reduce its output.
  • Page 11 Brass Compression 35576102 Float Valve Assembly - (Includes 42063901 Float 22513801 Float Arm THIS IS A PARTS LIST, NOT A PACKING LIST. HUMIDIFIER DESCRIPTION Key Nos. 15 & 16) Sleeve 1/4" Nut 1/4" Key Nos. 18-23) PART DESCRIPTION 28110101 Float Valve Button...
  • Page 12 Reset humidistat according to the outdoor temperature P/N 21606101 RI0-O0 Replace if necessary with Sears Stock No. Remove the operating Reset humidistat according to CLEAN PERABOVE AND LEAVE...
  • Page 13 Repair Specialists Tell Sears You Want It Installed, Then Relax... When Sears arranges the installation, you can be sure the job is done right. We will arrange for professional workmanship...and we'll take care of the entire project. What's more, during installa- tion you get insured protection...against...

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