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Kenmore 2500 Owner's Manual

15 gallon central humidifier


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Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.


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  • Page 1 Kenmore 2500 15 GALLON CENTRAL HUMIDIFIER Installation Maintenance Repair Parts Troubleshooting Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Please read the instructions before you install and use your humidifier. This will help you obtain the full value from the humidifier. It will also help you avoid any needless service cost, if the problem is something we cannot control and cannot cover in our Warranty.
  • Page 3: Understanding Humidity

    THANK YOU! Thank you for selecting a Sears Humidifier.Itwill provideyears of sarvlca ff you give it a littlecare. UNDERSTANDING HUMIDITY Humidity can be puzzling. It cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelledor tasted. Many peopledo not understand what a humidi- fier willor will not do.
  • Page 4: Selecting A Location

    Humidifier should be installed so that if the humidifier or any other connections should leak, the resulting flow of water will not cause damage. Under no condition is Sears and the manu- facturer to be held liable for any water damage in connection with this humidifier.
  • Page 5 Unit is now converted to a left side motor. installation (on s heet metal plenum duct) NOTE: Figures 8 & 9 show humidifier installation on supply air plenum for illustration purposes only. If more convienient, humidifier may be mounted on return air plenum. If humidifier is installed on the return air plenum, the flexible hose (round collar opening) is connected to the supply air plenum.
  • Page 6: Water Supply

    Do not allow flexible tube to come within 3" of furnace flue pipe because of flue pipes extreme heat. If hose is under stress (pulling), it may be necessary to drill 2 holes in humidifier collar for screws. This will prevent clamp from slipping off (Fig. 11).
  • Page 7 [] 7 Unwind the rest of the tubing. Take care not to kink it. Run the tubing along flat surfaces to the humidifier. Support the tubing as needed to avoid contact with furnace. Close previously opened faucet. Turn on main water supply.
  • Page 8: Humidistat

    (Wire nuts not provided. Purchase them from your local Sears Hardware Store.) Plug 24 VAC transformer into 120 VAC outlet. Do not use existing transformer on furnace.
  • Page 9: Maintenance

    Sears All-Purpose Cleaner (Stock No. 42-14713). Remove media pad from inside of wheel and clean thoroughly, replace if necessary (Sears Stock No. 42-9335). IMPORTANT: Stretch media lengthwise before placing in wheel If the Reservoir has been overflowing, the Float Valve Button may be worn.
  • Page 10: Service Hints

    Frequently what seems to be a major problem can be solved very easily. Listed below are the common concerns with any humidifier. Check the simple things first. Remove the front panel and see if there is a crusty, white lime build-up on the media pad. The lime build- up won't hurt the humidifier, but will reduce its output.
  • Page 11: Repair Parts

    KENMORE "2500" CENTRAL MODEL NO. 303.936613 PART 21571501 Plenum Stiffener 35586401 Upper Case 05301101 Lower Case (Includes 21571601 Motor and Bracket STD575026 Brass Compression STD575025 Brass Compression 35561801 Saddle Valve (Includes 21582703 Plastic Supply Tubing (1/4" x 10')
  • Page 12 Pull out pivot pin, remove float and arm. Empty water from reservoir. Lift out reservoir liner and replace Clean residue and lime build-up water, or Sears All-Purpose Remove media pad from wheel (stock number 42-9335). IMPORTANT: Stretch new pad lengthwise 10.
  • Page 13 Repair Specialists Tell Sears You Want It Installed, Then Relax... When Sears arranges the installation, you can be sure the job is clone right. We will arrange for professional workmanship...and we'll take care of the entire project. What's more, during installa- tion you get insured protection...against property damage and...

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