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Cdma Nw Detection; Transmission Indicator; General Purpose I/O - Motorola C24 CDMA 1X Hardware Interface Manual

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Applicant: Motorola, INC

CDMA NW Detection

The CDMA output signal indicates the network CDMA connection status. When module is
connected to a CDMA network, this signal is enabled. When module is not connected to the
module network this signal is disabled.

Transmission Indicator

The TXEN_N output signal indicates when the module is transmitting over the CDMA network. This signal
follows the module's transmit bursts. This signal is set low during transmission, and set high when no
transmission is in progress.

General Purpose I/O

The module incorporates 8 general purpose IO signals for the user application. Each GPIO signal may be
configured and controlled by AT command. These signals may be used to control or set external
application circuits, or to receive indications from the external application.
Each GPIO shall have internal pull-up resistor of 6KΩ (± 5%
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C24 Hardware Interface Manual
Version 0.3


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