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Low Power Mode; Activating Low Power Mode - Motorola C24 CDMA 1X Hardware Interface Manual

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Applicant: Motorola, INC
The AT+MRST command initiates a system reset operation, which powers off the module. This command
emulates the ON_N signal operation for power off.
A low power shut down occurs when the module senses the external power supply is below the minimal
operating level of 3.0V. The module will respond by powering down automatically.

2.4 Low Power Mode

The module incorporates an optional low power mode, sleep mode, in which it operates in minimum
functionality, and therefore draws significantly less current. In low power mode the module network
connection is not lost. It continues to monitor the network constantly for any incoming calls or data.
During low power mode, all the module interface signals are inactive and are kept in their previous state,
prior to activating low power mode. To save power, the module's internal clocks and circuits are shut
down, and therefore serial communications is limited.
The module will not enter low power mode in any case when there is data present on the serial interface
or incoming from the network or an internal system task is running. Only when processing of any external
or internal system task has completed, the module will enter low power mode according to the ATS24
command settings.

Activating Low Power Mode

By default, the module powers on in Idle mode. In this mode the module interfaces and features are
functional and the module is fully active.
Low power mode is activated by the ATS24 command. The value set by this command determines the
duration of inactivity, in seconds, the module will take before switching to low power mode.
For example:
ATS24 = 1 activates low power mode within 1 second of inactivity.
ATS24 = 5 activates low power mode within 5 seconds of inactivity.
ATS24 = 0 disables low power mode (default).
The following image illustrates the ATS24 command operation:
FIGURE 9 – ATS24 Operation
Turning off the module using AT+MRST
Power Loss shut down
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