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Hardware Interface Description; Operating Modes - Motorola C24 CDMA 1X Hardware Interface Manual

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Applicant: Motorola, INC

2 Hardware Interface Description

The following sections describe in detail the Hardware Interface requirements and operation modes of the
C-Lite Module.

2.1 Operating Modes

The module should incorporate several operating modes. Each operating mode is different in the active
features and
The following table summarizes the general characteristics of the module operating modes and provides
general guidelines for operation.
TABLE 1 – Module Operating Modes
Not Powered
VCC supply is disconnected
Valid VCC supply,
RTC Mode
RESET_N signal is enabled
RESET_N signal is disabled
Idle Mode
CTS_N and DSR_N signals
are enabled (low).
RESET_N signal is high,
Low power Mode
CTS_N signal is disabled
RESET_N signal is high,
CSD or Data
TXEN_N signal is Low.
Module is Off.
The interface signals are tri-stated.
The Module interface is tri-stated.
Only the internal RTC timer is active.
The module is fully active and ready to
This is the default power-up mode.
The module is in low power mode.
The application interfaces are disabled,
but it continues to monitor the network.
A voice or data call is in progress.
When the call terminates, The Module
will return to the last operating state
(Idle or Sleep).
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C24 Hardware Interface Manual
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