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Regulatory Requirement; Safety Statement And Requirements - Motorola C24 CDMA 1X Hardware Interface Manual

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Applicant: Motorola, INC

1 Regulatory Requirement

The C24 module is compliant with applicable FCC and IC requirements.
The integrated system incorporating the C24 module may be subject to further regulations and standards.
Motorola strongly recommends that the system integrator seeks professional advice regarding the
regulations and standards that apply to their product. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
requires application for certification of digital devices in accordance with CFR Title 47, Part 2 and Part 15.
This includes Electromagnetic
Energy Exposure (EME) testing. As the C24 modem is not a standalone transceiver but is an integrated
module, the C24 cannot be tested by itself for EME certification. It is, however, the integrator's
responsibility to have the completed device tested for EME certification.
The C24 module is compliant to FCC and IC requirements allowing use within North America. Use in
other regions may require regional "type approvals" which the manufacturer of the final product
integration or reseller will be responsible for procuring. Many regional type approvals are based upon
compliance to FCC and other standards that the C24 is compliant with. It is strongly recommended that
professional advice be sought before placing the finished integrated product on the market to establish
local approval and marking requirements.

1.1 Safety Statement and Requirements

Certain safety precautions must be observed during all phases of the operation, usage, service or repair
of any cellular terminal or mobile incorporating the C24 module. The integrator is advised to consider the
following general cautions in the context of their integrated system incorporating the C24 module, and to
provide the end user with the applicable warnings and advice of safe operation of the equipment. Failure
to comply with these precautions violates safety standards of design, manufacture and intended use of
the product. Motorola assumes no liability for customer failure to comply with these precautions.
The C24 must be operated at the voltages described in the technical documentation
The C24 must not be mechanically nor electrically changed. Use of connectors should follow the
guidance of the technical documentation
The integrated product incorporating the C24 moduel must be evaluated for SAR under intended use
conditions, and suitable text and SAR values be provided to the end user
No wireless device can guarantee operation at all times due to network or interference conditions, A
user should never rely on a wireless device as the sole means of making emergency calls
The C24 module complies with all applicable standards and directives, this does not guarantee that the
product it is integrated into complies, expert advice should be sought to identify the applicable
regulations and show compliance Suitable warning statements regarding the use of RF energy in the
integrated host system should be given in the end user documentation.
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