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Sanyo M-1060C Instruction Manual page 7

Compact cassette recorder
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Fast forwarding or rewinding
In the stop mode, press the FFWD/CUE or REW/REV button.
Press the STOP button when the desired point or end of the
tape is reached.
Temporarily stopping operation (all modes)
Slide the PAUSE switch right. Slide it left to resume operation.
Quick reviewing and recording
While recording, press and hold the REW/REV button (the
REC button is released) until the tape has rewound to the
desired point. Release the REW/REV button to play back
your recording. Press the REC button to resume recording.
Safeguards against accidental erasure (Fig. 7)
To protect side A, break out tab (1). To protect side B, break
out tab (2).
To erase or record a protected cassette, cover the tab
openings with adhesive tape (3).
NOTE: The REC button cannot be depressed when using a
protected cassette.
Fig. 7



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