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Sanyo M-1060C Instruction Manual page 6

Compact cassette recorder
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1. Load a cassette as shown in
Fig. 6.
2. Press the reset button to set
the counter to "000". The
counter shows relative tape
position. (M-1110C only)
3. Set the VAS switch to ON or
OFF. (M-1110C only)
4. Press the REC button. (The
PLAY button is engaged
VAS ON: Voice activated re-
cording (M-1110C only)
When you talk, the unit will start
recording. When you stop talking for as long as 4 to 8
seconds, the unit will stop recording (variations in voice
level do not stop recording).
Use the VOLUME control to adjust the microphone sen-
sitivity to your voice. If voices are not activating recording,
increase the volume. If recording does not stop when
talking stops, decrease volume.
NOTE: If the first few words you speak activate record-
ing but are not recorded, say an extra word to start re-
cording before you dictate. (For important recordings,
set the VAS switch to OFF.)
VAS OFF: Standard recording (M-1110C only)
Recording will continue until the STOP button is pressed.
5. Press the STOP button to stop recording.
Fig. 6



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