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Using Speechair With Philips Speechexec Software; Install Speechexec On Your Computer; Configure Speechair In Speechexec; Configure Speechair With The Speechair Wizard - Philips SpeechAir PSP2000 series User Manual

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9 Using SpeechAir with
Philips SpeechExec
If you use Philips SpeechExec workflow software,
you can connect your SpeechAir to your computer
and download your dictations from your device to
SpeechExec software. Your secretary can access your
dictations in SpeechExec transcription software. This
way you can forward your dictations to transcription
without having to use an Internet connection.
Additionally, you can configure delivery options for
SpeechAir with the SpeechAir wizard in SpeechExec.
SpeechExec uploads the preconfigured delivery options
to the Voice Recorder App on SpeechAir. The author
name and worktypes defined in SpeechExec are also
uploaded to the Voice Recorder App.
Choose between the delivery options SpeechLive
speech recognition, SpeechLive transcription service,
email, or Dragon speech recognition. If you select
a delivery method in the Voice Recorder App and
connect your device to SpeechExec, the software will
automatically send your new dictations via the delivery
method preselected in the Voice Recorder App.
For more information about SpeechExec, refer to
the SpeechExec user manual or the online help in
SpeechExec. Download the SpeechExec user manual at
Install SpeechExec on your
Before you connect your SpeechAir to SpeechExec
software, you first need to install the software on your
To install SpeechExec on your computer:
In your web browser, go to
Enter the product key which you can find on the
leaflet inside your product box.
Click the Continue button and follow the on-screen
Click Finish when the installation process has
X SpeechExec is now installed on your computer.

Using SpeechAir with Philips SpeechExec software

Configure SpeechAir in SpeechExec

Generally, you don't need to perform any configurations
for using SpeechAir with SpeechExec. After installation,
the software is immediately ready for use with SpeechAir.
However, you can change basic settings of your
SpeechAir device in SpeechExec using the SpeechAir
With the SpeechAir wizard, you can also configure the
delivery methods you want to use in the Voice Recorder
Configure SpeechAir with the SpeechAir
Start SpeechExec.
Make sure that SpeechAir is turned on and connect
the device to your computer.
on the toolbar in SpeechExec.
X The General Settings window opens.
In the General Settings window, click SpeechAir
configuration > Device configuration, and then click
Open SpeechAir wizard.
X The SpeechAir wizard opens.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Click Finish in the Summary section.
X Your settings have been applied and the
configuration is finished.
Disconnect SpeechAir from your computer.

Configure delivery methods for SpeechAir

If you connect SpeechAir to SpeechExec, the
preconfigured delivery methods will be uploaded
from the software to SpeechAir. Each time you
connect SpeechAir to SpeechExec, the software will
automatically download all new dictations from your
device and send them via the preconfigured delivery
methods SpeechLive speech recognition, SpeechLive
transcription service, email, or Dragon speech
• If you want to use SpeechLive speech recognition or
SpeechLive transcription service as delivery methods,
you first need to allow SpeechExec to download your
dictations to your SpeechLive folder.
Click Settings > SpeechAir Configuration > SpeechAir
and SpeechLive. In the Location for download
window, select In SpeechLive folders from the drop-
down menu.
• Before you can send dictations to SpeechLive
services, you need to have a valid SpeechLive
account. If you are not using SpeechLive yet, create a
new user account at


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