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Verify Device Functionality And Test Network Coverage - Cisco GR10-HW Manual

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Then adjust the GR10-HW to guide the GR10-HW's bottom slot into the cradle's bottom
tab until it clicks into place. Once in place, the GR10-HW should be secured to the cradle by
using one of the included screws in the cradle's bottom tab.
To release the GR10-HW from the mount cradle, first remove the security screw that secures
the GR10-HW to the cradle's bottom tab. While holding the GR10-HW with one hand, press
the cradle's bottom tab upwards, releasing the GR10-HW from the bottom of the cradle.
Then remove the GR10-HW from the cradle's top tab.
Desk or Shelf Mount
The GR10-HW can be placed on a desk or shelf resting on the non-scratch rubber feet. The
mount cradle is not necessary for a desk or shelf installation.
Secure the GR10-HW
Depending on your mounting environment, you may want to secure the GR10-HW to its
mount location. Your GR10-HW can be secured in several ways. If the GR10-HW has been
installed using the mount cradle, it should be secured via security screw (Torx security
screws are included) and/or Kensington lock. If the mount cradle was not used, the GR10-HW
can still be secured using a Kensington lock.
Power the GR10-HW
If mounting to an electrical junction box, feed the Ethernet cable through the cable access
hole in the mount cradle. If mounting to a wall or ceiling, the Ethernet cable will feed from
behind the GR10-HW. The
different powering options and their unique characteristics.

Verify Device Functionality and Test Network Coverage

1. Check LEDs
a. The Power LED should be solid green (or blue, if clients are connected). If it is
flashing blue, the firmware is automatically upgrading and the LED should turn
green when the upgrade is completed (normally within a few minutes). See
b. Note: Your GR10-HW must have an active route to the Internet to check and
upgrade its firmware.
2. Verify access point connectivity
"Power Source
Options" section of this document lists the
Indicators" section for more details. .

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