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Ethernet Ports; Pre-Install Preparation - Cisco GR10-HW Manual

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Ethernet Ports

The GR10-HW features a Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port that accepts 802.3at and 802.3af power
(labeled "Eth0, PoE"). This port should be used for uplink to your WAN connection.
Power Source Options
The GR10-HW access point can be powered using either the Meraki AC Adapter, PoE Injector
(both sold separately), or a third-party PoE switch.
Factory Reset Button
If the button is pressed and held for at least five seconds and then released, the GR10-HW
will reboot and be restored to its original factory settings by deleting all configuration
information stored on the unit.
LED Indicators and Run Dark Mode
Your GR10-HW is equipped with a multi-color LED light on the front of the unit to convey
information about system functionality and performance:
Orange - AP is booting (permanent Orange suggests hardware issue)
Rainbow - AP is initializing/scanning
Blinking Blue - AP is upgrading
Green - AP in Gateway mode with no clients
Blue - AP in Gateway mode with clients
Blinking Orange - AP can't find uplink
The GR10-HW may be operated in "Run Dark" mode for additional security and to reduce the
visibility of the access point. In this mode, the LED will not be illuminated. This mode may be
enabled through Meraki dashboard.

Pre-Install Preparation

You should complete the following steps before going on-site to perform an installation.
Configure Your Network in Dashboard
The following is a brief overview only of the steps required to add an GR10-HW to your
network. For detailed instructions about creating, configuring and managing Meraki wireless
networks, refer to the online documentation (
1. Login to If this is your first time, create a new account.

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