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NEC Storage M110 Setup Manual page 2

Disk array unit
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Starting the Setup: Preparation and Procedure
Ch. 2, Workflow - Installation to Operation
◆Make sure the following items are available:
・Application server, and client machine
・Installation CD
・LAN cable (shielded)
・Interface cable for connecting the application server
・ IP addresses (for disk array unit and connection
・ Network equipment (if necessary)
・Tool (Phillips screwdriver)
・At least three disk drives
・Operators (a minimum of two workers)
Perform the following setup operations with respect to
the application server to which this unit is to be connected:
- Acquiring a host adapter WWPN
- Mounting the host bus adapter
- Installing the host bus adapter driver
- Installing PathManager
(When using PathManager)
3-1 Prerequisites
Perform the following procedure:
1) Starting the setup – Preparation and Procedure
2) Checking the package
3) Checking appearance and features
4) Installation
5) Connection – connecting the cables
6) Turning the power on
7) Installing and setting up the software
7-1 Preparation
7-2 Specifying the IP address
7-3 Installing NEC Storage Manager Agent Utility
7-4 Starting iSM client
8) Initializing the disk array unit
8-1 Collecting host information
8-2 Initializing and configuring the disk array
8-3 Verifying the connection
9) Finish – setup complete

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