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NEC Storage M110 Setup Manual page 10

Disk array unit
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Disk enclosure
8-3-4 Disk Enclosures
[AC power mounting model]
• When connecting a SAS cable, be sure to insert the connector in the correct direction. Connect the SAS cable so that the
pull tab faces down.
Note that the direction of the connector is opposite from that of the SAS host port (only for M110). In the case of the SAS
host port, the pull tab must face up.
• SAS cables have grooves in the connector that protect against incorrect insertion. Push the connector of the SAS cable
into the port securely until you hear a click. If you feel some resistance, the direction of the connector may be wrong. In
this case, do not insert the connector forcibly. Check the direction of the connector.
• When the connector has been inserted to the port correctly, it cannot be removed unless you pull the tab.
If the link LED of the disk port does not turn on, or if the fault LED turns on, the direction of the connector may be wrong.
• A disk enclosure does not power on if both SAS cables are disconnected.
When removing a SAS cable, be sure to remove the connector by pulling the pull tab straight along the cable.
Note: Connect the power cable to the outlet after the connection of other cables is completed.
To Disk Enclosure on next level
To Disk Array Unit or
disk enclosure closer to Disk Array Unit
Disk port (DP0-IN)
※A port next to DP0-IN is not used
Disk port (DP-OUT)
Power plug
Disk port
To power outlet
・ Disk Enclosure
・Disk Array Unit
SAS Host port
・Disk Array Unit

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