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Kärcher WD 5.2xx M Manual Page 14

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Table of Contents
General notes. . . . . . . . . . .
Safety instructions . . . . . . .
Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . .
General notes
Dear Customer,
Please read and comply with
these original instructions prior
to the initial operation of your appliance and
store them for later use or subsequent own-
Proper use
The appliance is intended for use as a Mul-
ti-Purpose Vac corresponding to the de-
scriptions given in these operating
instructions and the safety notes.
This appliance has been designed for use
in private households and is not intended
for commercial use.
Protect the unit from rain. Do not store
This device may not be used to suck in
ash and soot.
Use the Multi-Purpose Vac only with:
Original filter bag.
Original spare parts, accessories and
special accessories.
The manufacturer is not responsible for any
damages that may occur on account of im-
proper use or wrong operations.
Environmental protection
The packaging material can be recy-
cled. Please do not place the packag-
ing into the ordinary refuse for disposal, but
arrange for the proper recycling.
Old appliances contain valuable ma-
terials that can be recycled. Please
arrange for the proper recycling of old
appliances. Please dispose your old appli-
ances using appropriate collection sys-
EN . . .5
Disposing the filters and filter bags
Filters and filter bags are made from envi-
EN . . .6
ronment-friendly materials.
They can therefore be disposed off through
the normal household garbage provided
you have not sucked in substances that are
not permitted to be thrown into household
Notes about the ingredients (REACH)
You will find current information about the
ingredients at:
(See address on the reverse)
Our KÄRCHER branch will be pleased to
help you further in the case of questions or
(See address on the reverse)
Ordering spare parts and special at-
At the end of the operating instructions you
will find a selected list of spare parts that
are often required.
You can procure the spare parts and the at-
tachments from your dealer or your
KÄRCHER branch office.
(See address on the reverse)
The terms of the guarantee applicable in
each country have been published by our
respective national distributors. We will re-
pair possible faults on your unit free of
charge within the warranty period, insofar
as the faults are caused by material defects
or defective workmanship. Guarantee
claims should be addressed to your dealer
or the nearest authorized customer service
centre, and supported by documentary evi-
dence of purchase.
- 5
Customer Service



Table of Contents

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