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Maintenance And Care - Kärcher WD 5.2xx M Manual

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Table of Contents
Efficient filter cleaning
If the filter cleaning indicator is red, initiate
the filter cleaning.
 Illustration
Insert the suction hose with the handle
into the accessory compartment on the
appliance head. Press the efficient filter
cleaning key 3 x times with the appli-
ance switched on; wait 4 seconds be-
tween the individual presses.
Note: If the filter cleaning display is illu-
minated permanently or after the filter
cleaning switch has been activated sev-
eral times, check the reservoir for its fill
volume. Otherwise, the dirt might es-
cape when the container is opened.
Blowing function
Cleaning hard to reach locations or, where
vacuuming is not possible, like leaves from
a gravel bed.
 Illustration
Connect the suction hose to the blower
connection, this will activate the blower
Interrupting operation
 Turn off the appliance.
 Illustration
Hook the floor nozzle into the parking
Finish operation
 Turn off the appliance and disconnect
the mains plug.
Empty the container
 Illustration
Remove the appliance head and empty
the reservoir filled with wet or dry dirt.
For appliances with drain screw:
Empty the dry dirt over the container.
Use the drain screw to empty liquids.
Storing the appliance
 Illustration
Stow away the mains cable and acces-
sory at the machine. Store the appli-
ance in a dry room.

Maintenance and care

Turn off the appliance and remove the
mains plug prior to any care and mainte-
nance work.
Repair works may only be performed by the
authorized customer service.
Do not use abrasives, glass or universal
cleaners! Never immerse the appliance in
 Clean the appliance and accessory
parts made of plastic with a commercial
plastic cleaner.
 If required, rinse the container and ac-
cessories with water properly and dry
them before reuse.
 Illustration
Only clean the cartridge filter under run-
ning water; do not wipe or brush. Let it
dry completely prior to installation.
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Table of Contents

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