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Samsung SC-D381 User Manual

Digital video camcorder
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Table of Contents
Digital Video Camcorder

user manual

the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    Digital Video Camcorder user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at SC-D381 SC-D382 SC-D383 SC-D385...
  • Page 2 FEATURESOFYOURNEWMINIDVCAMCORDER  Digital Data Transfer Function with IEEE1394 By incorporating the IEEE 1394 (i.LINK™: i.LINK is a serial data transfer protocol and interconnectivity system, used to transmit DV data) high speed data transport port, both moving and...
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    CAUTION Means hints or referential pages that may be helpful when operating the miniDV camcorder. These warning signs are here to prevent injury to you and others. Please follow them explicitly. After reading this section, keep it in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    CAMCORDER and to protect it from overheating. These openings must not be blocked or covered. Never place your CAMCORDER on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface: on or near a radiator or heat register. This CAMCORDER should not be...
  • Page 5 17. POWER SOURCES: The CAMCORDER should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply at your home, consult your appliance dealer or local power company. A CAMCORDER is intended to be operated from battery power, or other sources, refer to the operating instructions.
  • Page 6 When the power-supply cord or plug is damaged. b. If any liquid has been spilled onto, or objects have fallen into the CAMCORDER. c. If the CAMCORDER has been exposed to rain or water. d. If the CAMCORDER does not operate normally...
  • Page 7 FCC rules. NOTE: Hg LAMP(S) INSIDE THIS PRODUCT CONTAIN MERCURY AND MUST BE RECYCLED OR DISPOSED OF ACCORDING TO LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS. For details see,, or call 1-800-Samsung (7267864) CALIFORNIA USA ONLY ThisPerchloratewarningappliesonlytoprimaryCR (ManganeseDioxide)Lithiumcoincellsintheproduct soldordistributedONLYinCaliforniaUSA “PerchlorateMaterial-specialhandlingmayapply,”...
  • Page 8: Notes And Safety Instructions

    • This camcorder should always be connected to an AC outlet with a protective grounding connection. • Batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like. If this power supply is used at 240V ac, a suitable plug adaptor should be used.
  • Page 9 A sudden rise in atmospheric temperature may cause condensation to form inside the camcorder. - When you move the camcorder from a cold location to a warm location (e.g. from outside to inside during the winter.) - When you move the camcorder from a cool location to a hot location (e.g. from inside to outside during the summer.)
  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    YOUR MINIDV CAMCORDER PREPARATION INITIAL SETTING : SYSTEM MENU SETTING 02_ English What is included with your miniDV camcorder Front & left view Left side view Right & top view Rear & bottom view Using the remote control (SC-D382/D385 only) Using the hand strap &...
  • Page 11 INITIAL SETTING : DISPLAY MENU SETTING BASIC RECORDING ADVANCED RECORDING Setting the guideline (Guideline) Adjusting the LCD screen (LCD Bright/LCD Color) Displaying the date/time (Date/Time) Setting the tv display (TV display) Inserting / ejecting a cassette Various recording techniques Making your first recording Recording with ease for beginners (EASY.Q mode) Zooming in and out Searching quickly for a desired scene...
  • Page 12 Dubbed audio playback (Audio Select) Audio effect Playing back a tape on a TV screen Copying a camcorder tape onto a video tape Using the VOICE + function Using a memory card (usable memory card) (not supplied) Structure of folders and files on the memory card Setting the file number (File No.)
  • Page 13 Selecting the USB device (USB Connect) Installing the software (DV Media Pro program) Connecting to a PC After finishing a recording Usable cassette tapes Cleaning and maintaining the camcorder 100 Using your miniDV camcorder abroad 101 Troubleshooting 103 Setting menu items English _05...
  • Page 14: Getting To Know

    WHATISINCLUDEDWITHYOURMINIDVCAMCORDER Your new Digital Video camcorder comes with the following accessories. If any of these items is missing from your box, call Samsung’s Customer Care Center at 1-800-SAMSUNG. ✪The exact appearance of each item may vary by model.
  • Page 15: English

    FRONT&LEFTVIEW Lens Remote sensor (SC-D382/D385 only) Light (SC-D382/D383/D385 only) OPEN switch Be careful not to cover the internal microphone and lens during recording. CAUTION O P E N EASY Q button ➥page 36 Display ( ) button TFT LCD screen Internal microphone English _07...
  • Page 16: Left Side View

    LEFTSIDEVIEW M E N U MENU button Joystick ( / /  / / Select ), (W/T) ➥page 23 Recording start/stop button Jack cover (AV/DV jack) 08_ English B A T Built-in speaker Select (CARD-TAPE) switch (SC-D383/D385 only) Battery pack Battery release (BATT.) switch...
  • Page 17: Right & Top View

    RIGHT&TOPVIEW Zoom(W/T) / Volume (VOL) lever PHOTO button ➥pages 60,76 Recording start/stop button POWER switch P O W C H G Jack cover (DC IN, USB (SC-D383/D385 only) jack) Cassette compartment cover Hand strap English _09...
  • Page 18: Rear & Bottom View

    MODE button Mode indicator (Camera DC IN Jack DV (IEEE1394) jack Charging (CHG) indicator USB jack (SC-D383/D385 only) Memory card slot (SC-D383/D385 only) Tripod receptacle 10_ English Jacks SC-D383/D385 SC-D381/D382 Player ) mode) AV DV DCIN AV DV DCIN SC-D383/D385only MMC/SD...
  • Page 19: Using The Remote Control (Sc-D382/D385 Only)

    PHOTO SEARCH button ➥page 61 A.DUB button ➥page 65 (FF) button (REW) button (PLAY) button The buttons on the remote control function the same as those on the miniDV camcorder. (-) / (+) (Direction) button ➥page 64 Display ( utton...
  • Page 20: Preparation

    This section provides information on using this miniDV camcorder: such as how to use the provided accessories, how to charge the battery, how to set up the operation and screen indicators in each mode. USINGTHEHANDSTRAP&LENSCOVER It is very important to ensure that the hand strap has been correctly adjusted before you begin your recording.
  • Page 21: Installing The Button-Type Battery

    INSTALLINGTHEBUTTON-TYPEBATTERY Button-type battery installation for the remote control (SC-D382/D385 only) 1. Pull out the button-type battery holder toward the direction of the arrow. 2. Position the button-type battery in the button-type battery holder, with the positive ( ) terminal face up. 3.
  • Page 22: Using The Battery Pack

    It is recommended that you purchase one or more additional battery packs to allow continuous use of your miniDV camcorder. Use only Samsung-approved battery packs. Do not use batteries from other manufacturers. Otherwise, there is a danger of overheating, fire or explosion.
  • Page 23: Charging Indicator

    • Measured times shown in the table are based on model SC-D385. (Times for SC-D381/D382/D383/D385 are almost the same.) • The time is only for reference. Figures shown in the table are measured under Samsung’s test environment, and may differ from your actual use.
  • Page 24: Battery Level Display

    40~80% used d. 80~95% used e. Completely used (Blinking) (The Camcorder will turn off soon, change the battery as soon as possible.) Battery Pack Management • The battery pack should be recharged in an environment between 0 °C (32 °F) and 40°C (104 °F).
  • Page 25: Connecting A Power Source

    To preserve battery power, keep your camcorder turned off when you are not operating it. • If your camcorder is in Camera mode, and it is left in STBY mode without being operated for more than 5 minutes with a tape inserted, it will automatically turn itself off to protect against unnecessary battery discharge.
  • Page 26: Basic Minidv Camcorder Operation

    BASICMINIDVCAMCORDEROPERATION Turning the miniDV camcorder on and off You can turn the camcorder on or off by sliding the POWER switch downward. • Slide the POWER switch repeatedly to toggle the power on or off. Setting the operating modes •...
  • Page 27: Screen Indicators In Camera/Player Modes

    SCREENINDICATORSINCAMERA/PLAYERMODES 0:00:00 STBY No Tape ! 1/60 C.Nite 1/30 12:00 AM JAN. 1,2008 16:9 Wide 10Sec 0:00:46:06 STOP Sound[2] 60min No Tape ! [11] 12:00 AM JAN. 1,2008 OSD in Camera Mode Battery Level ➥page 16 Tele Macro * ➥page 54 Tape photo recording ➥page 60 / Self timer * ➥page 39 60min...
  • Page 28: Screen Indicators In Modes (Sc-D383/D385 Only)

    • Functions marked with * will not be retained when the miniDV camcorder is powered on after turning it off. Time counter (movie recording time) File number of the moving image Volume Control ➥page 84...
  • Page 29: Using The Display ( ) Button

    USINGTHEDISPLAY( You can switch between the on-screen information display modes: Press the Display ( Switching the information display mode You can switch between the on-screen information display modes: Press the Display ( ) button. The full and minimum display modes will alternate. •...
  • Page 30: Using The Joystick

    preparation USINGTHEJOYSTICK Used for playback, pausing, fast forwarding, and rewinding. Also used as directional buttons (up, down, left, right) and to make a selection when selecting movie, photo images or menus. 1. Move the Joystick ( ) up or down. 2.
  • Page 31 HANDLINGQUICKMENUSWITHTHEJOYSTICK QuickMenuInCamera/Playermodes Joystick Camera( )Mode Status Input  Exposure  Focus  Shutter  Return / Selection / Exit the menu QuickMenuInM.Cam/M.Playermodes(SC-D383/D385only) Joystick M.Cam( )Mode Status Input  Exposure  Focus   Return/ Selection/Exit the menu STOP Fade PLAY M.Player( )Mode(Movieimages) STOP...
  • Page 32: Setting The Clock (Clock Set)

    Clock setup works in Camera / Player / M.Cam / M.Player modes. ➥page 18 • Set the date and time when using this camcorder for the first time. 1. Set the Select switch to CARD or TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2. Press the MODE button to set Camera ( 3.
  • Page 33: Setting The Wireless Remote Control Acceptance (Remote)

    ➥page 18 • The remote function allows you to enable or disable the remote control for use with the camcorder. 1. Set the Select switch to CARD or TAPE. (SC-D385 only) 2. Press the MODE button to set Camera ( 3.
  • Page 34: Setting The Beep Sound (Beep Sound)

    initial setting : system menu setting SETTINGTHEBEEPSOUND(BEEPSOUND) • The beep sound function works in Camera / Player / M.Cam / M.Player modes. ➥page 18 • You can turn the beep sound on or off, when on, each press of a button sounds a beep.
  • Page 35: Setting The Shutter Sound (Shutter Sound)

    SETTINGTHESHUTTERSOUND(SHUTTERSOUND) • The shutter sound function works in Camera / Player / M.Cam modes. ➥page 18 • You can turn the shutter sound on or off, when on, with each press of the PHOTO button, the shutter will sound. 1. If you press the MODE button to set it to Camera ( either CARD or TAPE.
  • Page 36: Selecting The Osd Language (Language)

    initial setting : system menu setting SELECTINGTHEOSDLANGUAGE(LANGUAGE) • The Language function works in Camera / Player / M.Cam / M.Player modes. ➥page 18 • You can select the desired language to display the menu screen and the messages. 1. Set the Select switch to CARD or TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2.
  • Page 37: Viewing The Demonstration (Demonstration)

    The demonstration function may only be used in the Camera mode without a tape inserted in the camcorder. ➥page 18 • Before you begin: Make sure that there is no tape inserted in the camcorder. ➥page 34 • The demonstration operates repeatedly until the demonstration mode is switched off.
  • Page 38: Initial Setting : Display Menu Setting

    Guideline displays a certain pattern on the LCD screen so that you can easily set the image composition when recording movie or photo images. • The miniDV camcorder provides 3 types of guidelines. 1. Set the Select switch to CARD or TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2. Press the MODE button to set Camera ( 3.
  • Page 39: Adjusting The Lcd Screen (Lcd Bright/Lcd Color)

    Adjusting the LCD screen works in Camera / Player / M.Cam / M.Player modes. ➥page 18 • Your camcorder is equipped with a 2.7 inch wide color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen, which enables you to view what you are recording or playing back directly. •...
  • Page 40: Displaying The Date/Time (Date/Time)

    AC power adaptor or while the battery pack is attached. The rechargeable battery will be fully discharged in about 3 months if you do not use your camcorder at all. Use your camcorder after charging the built-in rechargeable battery. If the built-in rechargeable battery is not charged, any data that you have input will not be backed up and the date/time appears on the screen as "12:00 AM JAN.
  • Page 41: Setting The Tv Display (Tv Display)

    SETTINGTHETVDISPLAY(TVDISPLAY) • The TV Display function works in Camera / Player / M.Cam / M.Player modes. ➥page 18 • You can select the output path of the OSD (On Screen Display). - "Off": The OSD appears on the LCD screen only. - "On": The OSD appears on the LCD screen and TV.
  • Page 42: Basic Recording

    • Making a recording viewing the LCD screen from the front. Please rotate the LCD screen carefully as excessive rotation may cause damage to the inside of the hinge that connects the LCD screen to the camcorder. 34_ English OPEN...
  • Page 43: Making Your First Recording

    Eject the battery pack when you finish the recordings to prevent unnecessary battery power consumption. • The miniDV camcorder provides two Recording start/stop buttons. One is on the rear side of the camcorder and the other one is on the LCD panel. Select the Recording start/stop button according to the use. ➥...
  • Page 44: Recording With Ease For Beginners (Easy.q Mode)

    The EASY Q function works only in Camera mode. ➥page 18 • With the EASY Q function, most of the miniDV camcorder settings are automatically adjusted, which frees you from making detailed adjustments. 1. Set the Select switch to TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2.
  • Page 45: Zooming In And Out

    Optical zoom preserves the movie quality, but during digital zoom the quality of image may suffer. • When you zoom into a subject close to the lens, the miniDV camcorder may automatically zoom out depending on the distance to the subject. In this case, set "Macro" to "On." ➥page 54 on the LCD panel.)
  • Page 46 basic recording SEARCHINGQUICKLYFORADESIREDSCENE(SETTINGTHEZEROMEMORY) (SC-D382/D385only) • The zero memory function works in both Camera and Player modes. ➥page 18 • You can mark a point on a tape that you want to return to following playback. 1. Set the Select switch to TAPE. (SC-D385 only) 2.
  • Page 47: Self Record Using The Remote Control (Setting The Self Timer) (Sc-D382/D385 Only)

    If you want to cancel the self timer function before recording, press the SELF TIMER button again. • Do not obstruct the remote control sensor by putting obstacles between the remote control and miniDV camcorder. • The remote control maximum range is 4 to 5m (13 to17 ft). •...
  • Page 48 basic recording REVIEWINGANDSEARCHINGARECORDING • The Rec Search function works only in Camera mode. ➥page 18 • Used to review previously recorded images or to find a point to record a new image in the STBY mode. Record Search (Joystick) 1. Set the Select switch to TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2.
  • Page 49: To Start Recording

    USINGTHEFADEONANDOFF • The Fade function works only in Camera mode. ➥page 18 • You can give your recording a professional look by using special effects such as fade in at the beginning of a sequence or fade out at the end of a sequence. To Start Recording 1.
  • Page 50 • In the following situations, you may obtain better results by adjusting the focus manually. a. A picture containing several objects, some close to the camcorder, others further away. b. A person enveloped in fog or surrounded by snow. c. Very shiny or glossy surfaces like a car.
  • Page 51: Setting The Shutter Speed

    The image may not seem as smooth when a high shutter speed is set. • The camcorder returns to the auto shutter and auto exposure settings when you change to the EASY.Q mode. • When recording with a shutter speed of 1/1000 or higher, make sure the sun is not shining into the lens.
  • Page 52: Advanced Recording

    • Record using SP mode for best picture and sound quality. To edit audio on your camcorder, you must set 12Bit for the Audio mode and SP for the Rec mode. CAUTION 44_ English ) or Player (...
  • Page 53 CUTTINGWINDNOISE(WINDCUTPLUS) • The windcut plus function works in both Camera and Player (Audio dubbing) modes. ➥page 18 • Use the windcut plus when recording in windy places such as the beach or near buildings. • The windcut plus function minimizes wind or other noises while recording. - When the windcut plus is on, some low pitched tones are eliminated along with the sound of the wind.
  • Page 54 advanced recording SELECTINGTHEREALSTEREOFUNCTION(REALSTEREO) • The Real Stereo function works only in Camera mode. ➥page 18 • Real stereo enhances the left and right input signals when using the internal microphone. 1. Set the Select switch to TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2. Press the MODE button to set Camera ( 3.
  • Page 55 SETTINGTHEPROGRAMAE(PROGRAMAE) • The Program AE function works only in Camera mode. ➥page 18 • The Program AE mode allows you to adjust shutter speeds and apertures to suit different recording conditions. • They give you creative control over the depth of field. 1.
  • Page 56 advanced recording SETTINGTHEPROGRAMAE(PROGRAMAE) Settings - Auto balance between the subject and the background. - To be used in normal conditions. Auto - The shutter speed is automatically adjusted from 1/60 to 1/250 per second, depending on the scene. - Reduces blurring when recording rapidly moving subjects such as in golf or tennis Sports games.
  • Page 57 SETTINGTHEWHITEBALANCE(WHITEBALANCE) • The White Balance function works in both Camera and M.Cam modes. ➥page 18 • The White Balance is a recording function that preserves the unique image color of the object in any recording condition. • You may select the appropriate White Balance mode to obtain good quality image color.
  • Page 58: Setting The White Balance Manually

    advanced recording Settings Auto This option is generally used to control the white balance automatically. This controls the white balance according to the outdoor ambience, especially for Daylight close up and when the subject is of one dominant color. Cloudy This option should be used when making a recording in cloudy weather.
  • Page 59 APPLYINGVISUALEFFECTS(VISUALEFFECT) • The visual effect function works only in Camera mode. ➥page 18 • The visual effects enable you to give a creative look to your recording. • Select the appropriate visual effect for the type of picture that you wish to record and the effect you wish to create.
  • Page 60 advanced recording Settings Disables the function. 1Art This mode gives the images a coarse effect. 2Mosaic This mode gives the images a mosaic effect. 3Sepia This mode gives the images a reddish-brown pigment. 4Negative This mode reverses the colors, creating a negative image. 5 Mirror This mode cuts the picture in half, using a mirror effect.
  • Page 61 Setting the 16:9 Wide mode (16:9 Wide) • The 16:9 wide function works only in Camera mode. • Recordings in 16:9 wide will play back naturally only when the TV supports the 16:9 aspect ratio. • This product is set to 16:9 wide by the factory default. 1.
  • Page 62 advanced recording USing the tele macro (macro) • Tele Macro function works in both Camera and M.Cam mode. • Effective focal distance in Tele Macro mode is 50 cm (19.7 inches) to 100 cm (39.4 inches). 1. Set the Select switch to CArD or TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2.
  • Page 63: Setting The Digital Image Stabilizer (Dis)

    The DIS function works only in Camera mode. • DIS (Digital Image Stabilizer) is a function that compensates for any shaking or hand movement while holding the camcorder (within reasonable limits). • It provides more stable pictures when: - Recording with the zoom...
  • Page 64: Using Back Light Compensation Mode (Blc)

    advanced recording USing back light compenSation mode (blc) • BLC works in both Camera and M.Cam modes. • Back lighting exists when the subject is darker than the background: - The subject is in front of a window. - The person to be recorded is wearing white or shiny clothes and is placed against a bright background;...
  • Page 65: Zooming In And Out With Digital Zoom (Digital Zoom)

    zooming in and oUt With digital zoom (digital zoom) • Maximum Digital Zoom works only in Camera mode. • You can select the maximum zoom level in case you want to zoom to a level greater than 34x (the default setting) during recording. Up to 34x zoom is performed optically, and after that, up to 1200x zoom is performed digitally.
  • Page 66: Using The Color Nite (C.nite)

    advanced recording USing the color nite (c.nite) • C.Nite function works only in Camera mode. • You can take a shot of an object in slow motion by controlling the shutter speed, or a brighter image in dark places without compromising colors. 1.
  • Page 67: Using The Light (Light) (Sc-D382/D383/D385 Only)

    Do not touch it while in operation or soon after turning it off, otherwise WArNING serious injury may occur. • Do not place the camcorder into the carrying case immediately after using the light, since it remains extremely hot for some time. • Do not use near flammable or explosive materials.
  • Page 68: Recording A Photo Image On A Tape -Tape Photo Recording

    " is displayed on the LCD screen, the photo image is recorded for about 6~7 seconds. 4. After the photo image has been recorded, the camcorder returns to its previous mode. • Tape Photo Recording takes about six or seven seconds, and your camcorder returns to the standby mode.
  • Page 69: Searching For A Photo Image On A Tape (Photo Search)

    • The photo search process appears while you are searching. • After completing the search, the camcorder displays the tape photo image. • When there are no photo images recorded on the tape, it will be fully rewound or forwarded.
  • Page 70: Playback

    - If you close the LCD screen while playing, you will not hear sound from the speaker. • When the Audio/Video cable is connected to the camcorder, you cannot hear sound from the built-In speaker and cannot adjust the volume.
  • Page 71: Various Functions While In Player Mode

    The F.ADV (Frame advance), X2 and SLOW buttons are located on the remote control only. (SC-D382/D385 only) • To prevent tape and head-drum wear, your camcorder will automatically stop if it is left in pause or slow modes for more than 3 minutes. Playback/Pause •...
  • Page 72 playback Frame Advance (To play back frame by frame) (SC-D382/D385 only) • Press the F.ADV button on the remote control while in pause mode. - Video sequence advances frame by frame each time you press the F.ADV button or - The F.ADV function works in pause mode only. •...
  • Page 73: Audio Dubbing (Sc-D382/D385 Only)

    (Sc-d382/d385 only) • This feature enables you to dub your voice through the internal microphone or other audio equipment connected to the camcorder onto a pre-recorded camcorder tape. The original sound on the tape will not be erased. •...
  • Page 74: Dubbed Audio Playback (Audio Select)

    playback dUbbed aUdio playback (aUdio Select) • The dubbed Audio playback function works only in Player mode. 1. Set the Select switch to TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2. Press the MODE button to set Player ( 3. Insert the dubbed tape and press the MENU button. •...
  • Page 75: Audio Effect

    aUdio eFFect • Audio effect function works only in Player mode. • Audio effect provides various playback effects to audio signals stored on a tape. 1. Set the Select switch to TAPE. (SC-D383/D385 only) 2. Press the MODE button to set Player ( 3.
  • Page 76: Connection

    TV to Video. • Refer to the TV user’s manual. 5. Play the tape. ➥page 69 If you connect the cable to the AV jack, you will not hear sound from the camcorder's speaker. 68_ English Signal flow Camcorder...
  • Page 77: (Sc-D383/D385 Only) 73

    Connecting to a TV that has no Audio/Video Input Jacks • You can connect your camcorder to a TV through a VCR. 1. Connect the camcorder to your VCR with the Audio/Video cable. • The yellow jack: Video • The white jack: Audio(L) - mono •...
  • Page 78: Copying A Camcorder Tape Onto A Video Tape

    The copying function works only in Player Mode. • Connect your camcorder to a VCR using the AV jack to copy the recording from a camcorder tape onto a VCR tape. 1. Insert the tape you want to copy in your camcorder.
  • Page 79: Using The Voice+ Function

    The Voice+ function works only in Player mode. ➥ page 18 • When copying (dubbing) a tape recorded on the camcorder to another AV device, you can dub your voice through the camcorder's internal microphone to the device, instead of the existing audio on the recorded tape.
  • Page 80: Digital Still Camera Mode

    (SC-D383/D385 only) USing a memory card (USable memory card) (not SUpplied) • This camcorder can use SD memory cards and MMC (Multi Media Cards). Some cards are not compatible depending on the memory card manufacturer and memory card type.
  • Page 81: Structure Of Folders And Files On The Memory Card

    After removing the memory card from the camcorder, keep it in a soft case to prevent static shock. • The data stored on the memory card may be changed or lost as a result of misuse, static electricity, electric noise or repair. Save important images separately. Samsung is not responsible for data loss due to misuse. •...
  • Page 82: Image Format

    Up to 99 files are created in one folder. New folder is created when more than 99 files are created. • You may modify the name of a file/folder stored in the memory card) using a PC. This camcorder may not recognize modified files. Number of Images on the Memory Card Photo Size...
  • Page 83: Setting The File Number (File No.)

    Setting the File nUmber (File no.) • File number setting works only in M.Cam mode. • File numbers are given to images in the order they were recorded when they are stored on the memory card. • File numbers may be set as follows: - "Series": When there are existing files, the new image will be named as the next number in the sequence.
  • Page 84: Taking A Photo Image (Jpeg) On The Memory Card

    digital still camera mode (SC-D383/D385 only) taking a photo image (Jpeg) on the memory card • You may take photo images while in M.Cam mode and store the images on the memory card. page 18 ➥ • You can take photo images using the remote control. 1.
  • Page 85: Viewing Photo Images (Jpeg)

    VieWing photo imageS (Jpeg) • This function works only in M.Player mode. ➥page 18 You can play back and view photo images recorded on the memory card. • Be sure that the M.Play Select is set to Photo in the menu. ➥page 84 1.
  • Page 86: Protection From Accidental Erasure (Protect)

    The Protection function works only in M.Player mode. • You can protect important images from accidental erasure. If you format the camcorder, all images including protected images will be erased. 1. Set the Select switch to CArD. 2. Press the MODE button to set Player ( •...
  • Page 87: Deleting Photo Images And Moving Images (Delete)

    deleting photo imageS and moVing imageS (delete) • The Delete function works only in M.Player mode. • You can erase the photo images and moving images recorded on the memory card. • To delete a protected image, first cancel image protection. •...
  • Page 88: Deleting All Images At Once

    digital still camera mode (SC-D383/D385 only) Deleting All Images at Once 1. Set the Select switch to CArD. 2. Press the MODE button to set Player ( • The last recorded image appears. • If there are no recorded images on the memory card, "No image!" is displayed. 3.
  • Page 89: Formatting A Memory Card (Format)

    A memory card with the protection tab set to save will not be formatted. • Do not format the memory card on a PC. "Not formatted!" message may appear if a memory card formatted on a PC is inserted in the camcorder. page 18 ➥...
  • Page 90 digital still camera mode (SC-D383/D385 only) recording moVing imageS (mpeg) on a memory card • You may record moving images while in M.Cam mode and store the images on a memory card. • You can record moving images with audio on a memory card. •...
  • Page 91 MPEG files (moving images) can be recorded up to 2 GB per a moving file. • Before using the recording a moving image function, check whether the memory card is inserted into the camcorder. • MENU button is not available while recording a moving image. To use MENU button, stop recording.
  • Page 92 The moving images recorded by another camcorder may not play on this camcorder. • To play back moving images on a PC, the video codec (in the CD provided with the camcorder) should be installed. - You need Microsoft Windows Media Player version 9 or higher version in order to play moving images on the memory card on your PC.
  • Page 93: Recording An Image From A Tape As A Photo Image

    • This function works only in Player mode. • Your camcorder can read moving image data recorded on a tape, and record it as a photo image on a memory card. Before operation Insert a recorded tape and a memory card into your camcorder.
  • Page 94 • The photo copy function works only in Player mode. • Using the search function, you can automatically take photo images from tapes recorded in your miniDV camcorder and record them on a memory card in sequence. Before operation •...
  • Page 95: Removing The Print Mark

    For printing (print mark) • The print mark function works only in M.Player mode. • This camcorder supports the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) print format. • You can automatically print images recorded on a memory card with a printer supporting DPOF.
  • Page 96: Connecting To A Printer

    • With the PictBridge support, you can control the printer directly through your camcorder in order to print out stored pictures. For direct printing of your stored pictures using the PictBridge function, you must connect your camcorder to a PictBridge printer using a USB cable.
  • Page 97: Setting The Number Of Prints

    • Use the USB cable provided with the camcorder. • Use the AC power adapter for your camcorder during PictBridge Direct Printing. Turning your camcorder off during printing might damage data on the memory card. • Printing photo images is supported. Moving images are not available for printing.
  • Page 98: Ieee 1394 Data Transfer

    Connecting to other standard DV products. - A standard DV connection is quite simple. - If a device has a DV jack, you can transfer data from this camcorder to it by connecting to the DV jack using the correct DV cable (not supplied).
  • Page 99: Recording With A Dv Connection Cable

    Do not use another DV device when using IEEE1394. • Do not connect the camcorder to a PC using both DV and USB (SC-D383/D385 only) cables. It may not operate properly. • The IEEE1394 cable (DV cable) is sold separately.
  • Page 100: Using Usb Interface

    Transferring a Digital Image through a USB Connection • The camcorder supports both USB 1.1 and 2.0 standards. (Depends on the PC specification) • You can transfer a recorded file on a Memory Card to your PC via a USB connection.
  • Page 101 In M.Cam or M.Player mode, be sure that the memory card is inserted into camcorder before connecting USB cable. • If no memory card or an unformatted memory card is inserted, the PC will not recognize your camcorder as a removable disk. •...
  • Page 102: Selecting The Usb Device (Usb Connect)

    USB connect function works only in M.Player mode. • Using the USB cable, you can connect your camcorder to a computer to copy your moving images and photo images from the memory card, or to a printer to print your images.
  • Page 103: Installing The Software (Dv Media Pro Program)

    SoFtWare (dV media pro program) You need to install DV Media Pro to play back recorded movie files from this miniDV camcorder with the USB cable on your PC. • You have to install "DV Driver", "Video Codec" and "DirectX 9.0" to run DV Media Pro properly.
  • Page 104: Connecting To A Pc

    1. Set the Select switch to CArD. 2. Press the MODE button to set Camera ( 3. Connect one end of the USB cable to the USB jack on the camcorder and the other end to the USB jack on your computer.
  • Page 105: Using The Pc Camera Function

    1. Set the Select switch to TAPE. 2. Press the MODE button to set Camera ( 3. Connect one end of the USB cable to the USB jack on the camcorder and the other end to the USB connector on your computer.
  • Page 106: After Finishing A Recording

    Pull the cassette compartment out automatically. • Please wait while the tape is completely ejected. 2. After removing the tape, close the compartment cover and store the camcorder in a dust free environment. Dust and other foreign materials can cause square-shaped noise or jerky images.
  • Page 107: Cleaning And Maintaining The Camcorder

    Clean the video heads with a dry type cassette cleaner. • Some cleaning cassette products stop automatically. Refer to the cleaning cassette’s instructions for detailed information. If the problem continues after the cleaning, consult your nearest Samsung dealer or Authorized Service Center. (blue screen) page 18 ➥...
  • Page 108: Power Sources

    The provided AC adaptor features automatic voltage selection in the AC range from 100 V to 240 V. You can use your camcorder in any countries/regions using the AC power adaptor supplied with your camcorder within the AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz range.
  • Page 109: Troubleshooting

    • Before contacting a Samsung authorized service center, perform the following simple checks. They may save you the time and expense of an unnecessary call. Self diagnosis display Display Blinking slow The battery pack is almost discharged. Tape end! slow When the remaining time on the tape is about 2 minutes.
  • Page 110: Moisture Condensation

    If the camcorder is brought directly from a cold place to a warm place, moisture may condense inside the camcorder, on the surface of the tape, or on the lens. In this condition, the tape may stick to the head drum and be damaged or the unit may not operate correctly.
  • Page 111: Setting Menu Items

    Setting menU itemS Main Menu Sub Menu Camera Program AE Selecting the Program AE Function White Balance Setting the White Balance Visual Effect Setting the Digital special effect 16:9 Wide Setting the 16:9 Wide Function Macro Setting the Macro Function Selecting the Digital Image Stabilizing Setting the BLC Function Digital Zoom...
  • Page 112 • This user manual covers models SC-D381, SC-D382, SC-D383 and SC-D385. Although the external appearances of SC-D381, SC-D382, SC-D383 and SC-D385 are different, they operate in the same way. • Illustrations of model SC-D385 are used in this user manual.
  • Page 113: Specifications

    Sc-d381/ Sc-d382 / Sc-d383/ Sc-d385 System Video signal NTSC Video recording system 2 rotary heads, Helical scanning system audio recording system Rotary heads, 12/16b PCM system Usable cassette Digital video tape (6.35mm width): Mini DV cassette tape speed SP: approx.
  • Page 114: Limited Warranty

    Warranty SAMSUNG LIMITED WArrANTY SAMSUNG Electronics America Inc. (SEA), warrants that this product is free from defective material and workmanship. SEA further warrants that if product fails to operate properly within the specified warranty period and the failure is due to improper workmanship or defective material, SEA will repair or replace the product at it’s option.
  • Page 115 If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center Samsung Electronics America, inc. 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) roHS compliant Our product complies with “The Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment”,...

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