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Honda RIDGELINE 2019 Owner's Manual: Shifting; Braking

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Starting the engine: Press and hold the
brake pedal, then press the ENGINE
START/STOP button. Keep your foot
firmly on the brake pedal when starting
the engine.
Turning the vehicle off: Shift to Park (P)
or apply the parking brake, then press


Change the shift position based on your driving needs.
Shift Lever
Park (P): Used for parking, starting and
stopping the engine. Press the brake
pedal, then press the release button to
Reverse (R): Used for reversing.
Neutral (N): Used for idling.
Drive (D): Used for normal driving.
Low (L): Used for stronger engine
power and braking when driving in hilly
D4: Press the D4 button when the shift
lever is in Drive. Used for going up or
down hills .
When you change the shift lever from D
to R and vice versa, come to a complete stop and keep the brake pedal
depressed. Operating the shift lever before the vehicle has come to a
complete standstill can damage the transmission.


Slow down or stop your vehicle, and keep it from moving when parked.
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Foot Brake
Press the brake pedal to slow down or
stop your vehicle from moving.
Parking Brake
Keep the vehicle from moving when it is
To apply: Press the parking brake with
your foot.
To release: Press the brake pedal, then
press the parking brake until it
Release the parking brake fully before driving. The rear brakes and axle can
be damaged if you drive with the parking brake applied.
Brake Assist System
During hard or emergency braking, the system increases braking force. The
brake pedal may move slightly or make a noise; this is normal. Continue to
hold the brake pedal firmly down.
Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
During hard or emergency braking, the system rapidly pumps the brakes to
prevent wheel lockup and help you maintain steering control. Do not pump
the brake pedal, rather continue to hold it firmly down.
When ABS activates, you may notice vibrations through the brake pedal or
the vehicle body, the brake pedal depressing further than usual, or hear a
motor noise from the engine compartment. These are all normal.
In normal use, the ABS system will occasionally cause a motor sound from
the engine compartment, especially when the engine is first started or after
repeated use of the brakes.
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