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Honda RIDGELINE 2019 Owner's Manual: Driving; Before Driving

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Avoiding traffic on your route
1. From the map screen, select the traffic icon.
2. Select Traffic on Route.
3. Select an incident to avoid from the list.
4. Select the menu icon.
5. Select Avoid.
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Learn about preparation for driving, as well as other features.

Before Driving

Check the following items before you begin driving.
Exterior Checks
• Make sure there are no obstructions on the windows, door mirrors,
exterior lights, or other parts of the vehicle.
• Remove any frost, snow, or ice.
• Make sure the hood is securely closed.
• Make sure the tailgate is fully closed when it is not being used as an
extended pickup bed.
• Heat from the engine and exhaust can ignite flammable materials left
under the hood, causing a fire. If you've parked your vehicle for an
extended period, inspect and remove any debris that may have collected,
such as dried grass and leaves that have fallen or have been carried in
for use as a nest by a small animal. Also check under the hood for
leftover flammable materials after you or someone else has performed
maintenance on your vehicle.
• Make sure the tires are in good condition.
• Make sure there are no people or objects behind or around the vehicle.
If the doors are frozen shut, use warm water around the door edges to
melt any ice. Do not try to force them open, as this can damage the
rubber trim around the doors. When done, wipe dry to avoid further
Interior Checks
• Store or secure all items on board properly.
• Do not pile items higher than the seat height.
• Do not place anything in the front seat footwells. Make sure to secure the
floor mats.
• If you have any animals on board, do not let them move freely around in
the vehicle.
• Securely close and lock all doors and the trunk.
• Adjust your seating position, mirrors, and steering wheel properly.
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