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Handling; Handling Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric A1SJ71AP23Q User Manual

Melsecnet, melsecnet/b local station data link module



3.1 Handling Precautions

(1) Do not drop or give strong impact on the module, since its case is
made of resin.
(2) Do not remove a printed-circuit board of the module from a case.
Doing so may cause failure.
(3) Be careful to prevent foreign matter such as wire chips from
entering the module top at the time of wiring.
(4) Tighten a module mounting screw or a terminal screw within the
following range.
Terminal screw for cable terminal block (M3.5 screw)
Mounting screw for cable terminal block (M3.5 screw)
Module mounting screw (M4 screw)
(4) Serrer chaque vis de fixation du module ou vis de borne dans les
limites prescrites ci-après.
Vis de borne sur bornier de câble (Vis M3,5)
Vis de fixation de bornier de câble (Vis M3,5)
Vis de fixation du module (Vis M4)
Table 3.1 Screw tightening torque
Tightening torque range
59 to 88N•cm
59 to 88N•cm
78 to 118N•cm
Plage de couple de serrage
59 à 88 N•cm
59 à 88 N•cm
78 à 118 N•cm



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