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Section 7 - Systems Description - Honeywell KGP 560 Pilot Operating Handbook

Terrain awareness/warning system
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Section 7 - Systems Description

The Honeywell KGP 560 Terrain Awareness and Warning System
compares GPS information from the Garmin Navigator (GPS 1) to the
integrated Terrain/Obstacle Database to produce a real-time model of
the surrounding terrain. This "virtual" picture is then sent to the MFD to
provide enhanced situational awareness to the pilot.
The system consists of the 560 GA-EGPWS Processor mounted on
the underside of the pilot-side kickplate, a Terrain/Obstacle Database
integral to the processor, the Configuration Module integral to the
system's wire harness, and the TAWS annunciator panel mounted on
the lower LH portion of the instrument panel.
The 560 GA-EGPWS Processor is powered by 28 VDC through the 5-
amp SKYWATCH/TAWS circuit breaker on the Avionics Nonessential
For a additional system information, refer to the KGP 560 & 860
EGPWS Pilot's Guide, P/N 006-18254-001, Revision 4 or later.
System Constraints
• If there is no terrain data in the database for a particular area,
then TAWS alerting is not available for that area. The affected
area on the Terrain Awareness Display Page will be colored a
MAGENTA dot pattern.
• If the TAWS has been inhibited (e.g. the pilot selected TERR
INHIBIT) the system will not give aural alerts. The MFD will
display a purple message block with cyan text reading, "TAWS
• The TAWS will not be available and the TERR INOP
annunciator will illuminate if any of the following components
are inoperative: MFD, PFD, GPS 1, Transponder, or Attitude
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P/N 13772-121
Revision 1: 12-15-07



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