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Section 3 - Emergency Procedures; Section 4 - Normal Procedures - Honeywell KGP 560 Pilot Operating Handbook

Terrain awareness/warning system
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Section 2 - Limitations
1. Do not use the Terrain Awareness Display for navigation of the
aircraft. The KGP 560 Terrain Awareness and Warning System is
intended to serve as a situational awareness tool only and may not
provide the accuracy fidelity on which to solely base terrain or
obstacle avoidance maneuvering decisions.

Section 3 - Emergency Procedures

Off-Airport Landings
1. For ditching or other off-airport landings, inhibit the Terrain
Awareness System functions by selecting the TERR INHIBIT
switch on the annunciator panel to prevent unwanted aural

Section 4 - Normal Procedures

Only vertical maneuvers are recommended responses to
warnings and alerts unless operating in VMC or the pilot
determines, using all available information and instruments,
that a turn, in addition to the vertical escape maneuver, is the
safest course of action.
During certain operations, warning thresholds may be
exceeded due to specific terrain or operating procedures.
During day VFR flight, these warnings may be considered as a
If the TAWS issues an alert when the Terrain Awareness
Display Page is not selected, a pop up message will appear
on the active display page of the MFD. To clear the alert, the
pilot must acknowledge the pop up message by pressing the
Soft Key next to the displayed "OK".
Pilots are authorized to deviate from their current air traffic
control (ATC) clearance to the extent necessary to comply
with a TAWS warning.
P/N 13772-121
Revision 1: 12-15-07
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