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Section 1 - General - Honeywell KGP 560 Pilot Operating Handbook

Terrain awareness/warning system
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Section 1 - General

The airplane is equipped with an Honeywell KGP 560 Terrain
Awareness and Warning System that performs the functions of a
Class C Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) in
accordance with TSO C151b.
Incorporating much of the technology found in TAWS for air transport
aircraft, the KPG 560 supports:
• Alerting for premature descent.
• Alerting for excessive rate of climb/descent.
• Altitude callout (500 ft) and alerting within 5 nm of 2000 ft public
• Look-ahead
The system consists of the 560 GA-EGPWS Processor mounted on
the underside of the pilot-side kickplate, a Terrain/Obstacle Database
integral to the processor, the Configuration Module integral to the
system's wire harness, and the TAWS annunciator panel mounted on
the lower LH portion of the instrument panel.
The KGP 560 receives data from the GPS sensor, Transponder,
Primary Flight Display, and the Multifunction Display (MFD). Aural
alerts are communicated to the pilot via the GMA 340 Audio Panel. To
enhance the situational awareness to the pilot, color-coded terrain
display is interfaced on the MFD.
For specific MFD operational details refer to the Avidyne FlightMax
EX5000C Pilot's Guide.
For specific KGP 560 operational details, refer to the KGP 560 & 860
EGPWS Pilot's Guide, P/N 006-18254-001, Revision 4 or later.
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Revision 1: 12-15-07
Cirrus Design
P/N 13772-121



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