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Cisco SPA502G User Manual

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Handset user guide
Cisco SPA502G
Making Calls
Internal - Lift handset and dial the internal
extension number (i.e. 3xx).
External - Lift the handset and dial the full
external number, including the area code.
Placing a call on Hold
Whilst on an active call, press the
To resume the held call press the flashing red line
Transferring a Call
During a call, press the
call is placed on hold. Dial the required number.
Once the second call rings, press the
to resume, if busy or dialled
Three-way Conference
Press the
softkey during an active call.
The first call is placed on hold.
Dial the second person's telephone number.
Once answered, press the
When you hang up, the other two parties are
Group Call Pickup
To pick up (answer) a call directed to another
Lift the handset and dial *98. You will be
connected to the caller.
softkey. The first
softkey again.
Press the
softkey and select the desired
Press the dial softkey or lift the handset to make
the call.
Do Not Disturb
Dial Feature Access code *78 to enable/*79
disable. Your incoming calls will follow any busy
call forward settings that are configured.
Call Forward
You can forward all calls, when busy or when
there is no answer. Configure these settings
through Toolbar or Feature access codes:
Dial relevant code plus telephone number to
enable. Dial relevant code to disable.
C/Fwd Always - *72 enable/ *73 disable
C/Fwd on Busy - *90 enable/ *91 disable
C/Fwd no answer - *92 enable/ *93 disable
(Use *610 to determine the number of rings
before the call is forwarded)
Call History List
To view the Call History lists:
Press the Setup
Select the Call History list you want to view:
Redial List, Answered Calls, or Missed Calls.
Ring Tone
To view the available ring tones and to change
the current one:
Press the Setup
Volume Adjustment
Press (+) to increase, (-) to lower the volume of
the handset, headset, speaker or ringer volume.
Message Waiting Indicator
Located above the display, the indicator lights
red when you have a new voice mail message.
Accessing Voicemail
To listen to your messages or to change your
features, lift the handset and press the voicemail
button, select Call
button, select Ring