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Chapter 3 Operating The Fc San Module; Interoperability; Port Negotiation; Operating System Support - Dell FC SAN User Manual

8/4 gbps
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Operating the FC SAN Module
This chapter describes the operation and interoperability of the Dell 8/4Gbps FC SAN Module.


The FC SAN Module supports interoperability for the following functions:

Port negotiation

The FC SAN Module has been designed to be highly interoperable. Eight Gbps ports support 2, 4,
and 8 Gbps transmit and receive rates with autonegotiation. You can also install 4 Gbps SFPs,
which allow 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, and 4 Gbps transmit and receive rates with autonegotiation. The
actual data signaling rate used on a port is automatically sensed and set to the rate supported by
the device or devices attached to the port.
You must install Dell-supported SFPs in the FC SAN Module.
If the FC SAN Module is connected to a device, but is unable to negotiate the signaling rate, the
operator can manually set the speed of each port through CLI.
The FC SAN Module is compliant with current Fibre Channel standards, including most
current-generation switch N_Ports, NL_Ports and host adapters, Redundant Array of Independent
Disks (RAID) storage devices, hubs, Fibre-SCSI bridge devices, and older switch families.

Operating system support

There are no specific host operating system dependencies.
Dell 8/4Gbps FC SAN Module Hardware User's Manual
link initialization
principal FC SAN Module
routing (FSPF)
soft WWN zoning
SNMP facilities


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