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HP 1410-24-R Getting Started Manual

1410 switch series
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HP 1410 Switch Series Getting Started Guide
HP 1410-24-R Switch (JD986B)
HP 1410-24G-R Switch (JG708A)
Part number: 5998-4635
Document version: 5W100-20130808



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  • Page 1 HP 1410 Switch Series Getting Started Guide HP 1410-24-R Switch (JD986B) HP 1410-24G-R Switch (JG708A) Part number: 5998-4635 Document version: 5W100-20130808...
  • Page 2 The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

      Troubleshooting ·························································································································································· 11   Appendix A Chassis views and technical specifications ························································································ 12   Chassis views ································································································································································· 12   1410-24-R switch ··························································································································································· 13   Front panel ····························································································································································· 13   Rear panel ······························································································································································ 13   1410-24G-R switch ························································································································································ 13  ...
  • Page 4: Product Overview

    1410- 1 6, 1410-24 and 1410-24G-R models are the industry's first IEEE 802.3az compliant unmanaged Fast Ethernet switches. The available green features, along with the HP lifetime warranty, make the HP 1410 switch series ideal for customers seeking low-cost and reliable networking solutions.
  • Page 5: Preparing For Installation

    Preparing for installation Safety recommendations WARNING! Compliance and Safety Guide Before installation and operation, read all of the safety instructions in the supplied with your device. Safety symbols When reading this document, note the following symbols: WARNING means an alert that calls attention to important information that if not understood or followed can result in personal injury.
  • Page 6: Electrical Safety

    • switch to be powered off. Examining the installation site The HP 1410 switches must be used indoors. To ensure correct operation and a long lifespan for your switch, the installation site must meet the requirements in this section. Temperature/humidity Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity in the equipment room.
  • Page 7: Esd Prevention

    Table 3 Dust concentration limit in the equipment room Substance Concentration limit (particles/m³) Dust ≤ 3 × 10 (no visible dust on the tabletop over three days) NOTE: Dust diameter ≥ 5 μm The equipment room must also meet strict limits on salts, acids, and sulfides, as shown in Table 4, to eliminate corrosion and premature aging of components.
  • Page 8: Lightning Protection

    Keep the switch far away from radio transmitting stations, radar stations, and high-frequency • devices. Use electromagnetic shielding, for example, shielded interface cables, when necessary. • Route interface cables indoors. • Lightning protection To better protect the switch from lightning, follow these guidelines: •...
  • Page 9 Item Requirements Result • Install the switch in an open rack if possible. If you install the switch in a closed cabinet, make sure that the cabinet is equipped with a good ventilation system. • The rack is sturdy enough to support the weight of the Rack-mounting switch and installation accessories.
  • Page 10: Installing The Switch

    Installing the switch The HP 1410 switch can be installed in a 19-inch rack or on a workbench. The installation procedures for the HP 1410-24-R switch and the HP 1410-24G-R switch are the same. The following installation procedure uses the HP 1410-24-R switch as an example.
  • Page 11: Mounting The Switch On A Workbench

    Figure 2 Mounting the HP 1410-24-R switch in the rack NOTE: The mounting brackets are used only for attaching the switch instead of bearing the switch weight. A holder on the rack is used to hold (bear the weight of) the switch.
  • Page 12: Connecting Cables

    Figure 3 Attaching rubber feet Connecting cables Connecting network cable Use crossover cables or straight-through cables to connect a PC or other network devices to the Ethernet port of the switch. Figure 4 Connecting network cable Connecting the AC power cord WARNING! Make sure the grounding cable is securely connected and the switch is well grounded before connecting the AC power cord.
  • Page 13: Verifying The Installation

    Make sure the correct power source is used. Connect one end of the AC power cord to the AC-input power receptacle on the switch. Connect the other end of the AC power cord to the AC power outlet. Check the Power LED. If it is ON, it means the power connection is correct.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting This chapter lists issues and solutions while using and managing the switch. If you encounter an issue that is not listed and you cannot solve it, contact HP Technical Support. Table 6 Troubleshooting Symptom Troubleshooting method Verify that the correct power source is used and the power cords are correctly connected.
  • Page 15: Appendix A Chassis Views And Technical Specifications

    For regulatory identification purposes, the HP 1410 Switch Series products are assigned Regulatory Model Numbers (RMN). The Regulatory Model Numbers for these products are listed below. These regulatory numbers should not be confused with the marketing names HP 1410, or product numbers JD986B and JG708A...
  • Page 16: 1410-24-R Switch

    1410-24-R switch Front panel Figure 5 1410-24-R front panel (1) 10/100Base-TX port (2) Port LED (3) Power LED (Power) Rear panel Figure 6 1410-24-R rear panel (1) Grounding screw (2) AC-input power receptacle 1410-24G-R switch Front panel Figure 7 1410-24G-R front panel...
  • Page 17: Rear Panel

    (1) Grounding screw (2) AC-input power receptacle Technical specifications Table 9 Technical specifications Item 1410-24-R 1410-24G-R 44 × 440 × 173 mm (1.73 × 17.32 44 × 440 × 173 mm (1.73 × 17.32 × Dimensions (H × W × D) ×...
  • Page 18: Appendix B Leds

    Appendix B LEDs The LEDs on the front panel show the operation status of the switch. Power LED Table 10 Power LED description Status Description Steady green The switch is operating correctly. Power Flashing green The system is performing power-on self-test (POST). The switch is powered off or the power supply has failed.
  • Page 19: Support And Other Resources

    Related information Documents To find related documents, browse to the Manuals page of the HP Business Support Center website: For related documentation, navigate to the Networking section, and select a networking category. •...
  • Page 20: Index

    Index ESD prevention, lightning protection, power cord connection, Appendix A (Chassis views and technical hardware specifications), rack switch mount, Appendix B (LEDs), switch installation, workbench switch mount, hardware management/maintenance cable chassis technical specifications, network cable connection, chassis views, checklist (pre-installation), LEDs, cleanness (installation site), humidity...
  • Page 21 LEDs, workbench switch mount, power supply temperature AC power cord connection, installation site requirements, preparing for installation, preventing verifying installation, EMI prevention, ESD prevention, procedure workbench switch mount, connecting AC power cord, connecting network cables, installing switch, mounting switch in rack, mounting switch on workbench, verifying installation, rack switch mount,...

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