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Dme Antenna Installation; General - Honeywell Bendix/King KN 63 Installation Manual

Distance measuring equipment.
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F. The mounting plate (047-04215-0001) may be used if the indicator is to be installed
in a previous panel opening that is too large.
G. Secure the indicator in place with four 4-40 flat head phillips screws. If the aircraft
panel is 1/16 inch thick or less, use 1/4 inch screws (089-05111-0004). If the air-
craft panel is thicker than 1/16 inch, use 3/8 inch screws (089-05111-0006).
H. Route the harness wires through the connector hood (030-02351-0004) and solder
them to the connector pins. Be sure to use the proper mating connector for the in-
dicator being installed (030-02350-0005 for KDI 572, 030-02350-0001 for KDI 574
and 030-02350-0003 for KDI 573). Each one is keyed differently. Make sure lock-
ing mechanism engages when connector is installed on rear of unit.
I. The KDI 572, KDI 573, and KDI 574 all contain a photocell activated dimming circuit
that reduces the display brightness in low ambient light levels. The minimum dis-
play brightness (which occurs in the dark) is adjustable by means of a pot (R918)
accessible through a hole in the side rail. It has been adjusted at the factory to
match the brightness of other King products. The maximum display brightness
(which occurs in bright light) is not affected by R918.
J. The KDI 572 is available in two versions: one with 14/28 volt lighting (066-01069-
0000) and one with 5 volt lighting (066-01069-0001). The version corresponding
to the aircraft lighting voltage must be used.


A. The antenna should be well removed from any projections, the engine(s), and pro-
peller(s). It should also be well removed from landing gear doors, access doors, or
other openings which will break the ground plane for the antenna.
B. The antenna should be mounted on a bottom surface of aircraft and in a vertical
position when the aircraft is in level flight.
C. Avoid running other cables or wires near the antenna cable.
D. Avoid mounting the antenna within three (3) feet of the ADF sense antenna.
E. Where practical, plan the antenna location to keep cable lengths as short as pos-
sible and avoid sharp bends in the cable to minimize the VSWR.
To prevent RF interference, the antenna must be physically mounted a minimum
distance of three feet from the KN 63.
G. A back-up plate should be used for added strength on thin-skinned aircraft.
Rev 4, October/2004
KN 63
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