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Kdi 572/kdi 573/kdi 574 Installation - Honeywell Bendix/King KN 63 Installation Manual

Distance measuring equipment.
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1. Strip each wire 5/32" for contact terminal (030-01107-0015). (The last two digits
of the contact terminal part number indicate the number of terminals furnished).
2. Tin the exposed conductor.
3. Using needle nose pliers, fold over each conductor tab in turn, onto the exposed
conductor. When both tabs have been folded, firmly press the tabs against the
4. Repeat step 3 for insulator tabs.
5. Apply a small amount of solder (using minimum heat) to the conductor/tab con-
nection to assure a good electromechanical joint.
C. Contact Insertion into Molex Connector Housing
1. After the contact terminals have been installed on the wiring harness, the contact
terminals can be inserted into the proper location in the connector housing
(030-01094-0056). The terminal cannot be inserted upside down. Be sure to
push the terminal all the way in, until a click can be felt or heard.
2. The self-locking feature can be tested by gently pulling on the wire.
D. Extraction of Contact from Molex Connector
1. Slip the flat narrow blade of a Molex contact ejector tool, HT-1884 (005-02012-
0011), under the contact on the mating side of the connector. By turning the
connector upside down one can see the blade slide into the stop.
2. When the ejector is slid into place, the locking key of the contact is raised, allow-
ing the contact to be removed by pulling moderately on the lead.
3. Neither the contact nor position is damaged by removing a contact; however, the
contact should be checked visually before reinstalling in connector, to be certain
that retaining tab "A" extends as shown (see

2.3.3 KDI 572/KDI 573/KDI 574 INSTALLATION

A. Plan a location in the aircraft panel for the KDI 572/574 Master Indicator that is
clearly visible and within easy access of the pilot.
B. Avoid mounting close to heater vents or other high heat sources.
C. Allow a clearance of 3 inches from back of unit for plug removal.
D. Compass safe distance is 12 inches for a worst case deflection of 1 degree.
E. The indicator is secured in place behind the panel since it is rear mount only. Make
panel cutout as shown in
Rev 4, October/2004
2-2) for retention in connec-
KN 63
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