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Troubleshooting - KitchenAid 5KCM4212SX User Manual

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If your Cold Brew Coffee Maker should
fail to operate as expected, please
check the following:
- If coffee is too bold: Grind your coffee
at a coarser grind level, and/or steep
for less time. The Cold Brew Coffee
Maker produces a coffee concentrate.
To serve at the proper strength, dilute
your coffee concentrate with water or
any dairy/dairy-free milk of your choice.
- If coffee is too weak: Either grind your
beans to a finer consistency, or brew for
more time. Cold Brew coffee uses more
coffee to brew than other methods.
Make certain you use 250 grams of
coffee to brew.
- If coffee tastes bitter or unpleasant after
use: Taste can be impacted if the Cold
Brew Coffee Maker isn't thoroughly
cleaned. Make certain that all soap,
grounds, and oily residue is thoroughly
rinsed off of all parts after each use. See
the "Care and cleaning" section for
more information.
If the problem is not due to one of
the above items, see the "Customer
service" chapter in the "Warranty
and service" section.
Do not return the Cold Brew Coffee
Maker to the retailer, as they do not
provide service.

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