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Hot Keys; Dose Measurements - Honeywell QUIETPRO QP100Ex User Manual

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9 Hot-Keys
Some frequently used functions can be accessed from outside the menu system, using key combinations
called "hot-keys".
Radio Volume
Hear-Through Default Volume
Hear-Through Maximum Volume
Hear-Through Minimum Volume
Acknowledge Warning
Fit Test
Battery Status

10 Dose Measurements

QUIETPRO is equipped with means of measuring the sound energy reaching your ear – your noise dose.
100% dose corresponds to the permissible exposure level, i.e., the maximum sound energy that is considered
as a safe exposure in one full work shift
you have been exposed to using the LED indicators.
Green light flashing slowly
Yellow light flashing slowly
Yellow light flashing quickly
Red light flashing quickly
When the 95% mark is reached, a voice message will warn you that the dose will exceed the permissible
exposure level. This warning is followed by a wobble tone. You can turn the warning signal off by pressing
[CONFIRM] twice. This will only silence the warning. In order to protect the hearing it is important that you find
work in a quiet area for the remainder of the work shift.
Turning the unit off will not reset the dose to zero. In order to deal with situations where QUIETPRO is switched
on/off several times during a work shift, the unit calculates dose in a sliding time window. This means that at
any time, the exposure is defined to be the cumulative exposure during the latest 16 hour period. If you want to
override this functionality, it is possible to implement a procedure where you reset the dose to zero at the start
of every work shift. To do so, enter and cycle the menu using [MENU] until you hear "Dose Options" then press
[CONFIRM]. Select "Dose Reset" and "Confirm Dose Reset" using [CONFIRM].
It is possible to request the dose status. To do so, enter and cycle the menu using [MENU] until you hear "Dose
Options" then press [CONFIRM]. Select "Get Dose Status" in this new menu level using [CONFIRM]. The noise
dose status will be reported using the indicator lights and voice feedback.
1) The permissible exposure level varies between different countries and different organisations.
It is defined through system configuration.
Hot key
Press [MENU] then adjust with [+] or [-]
Press and hold [+] and [-]
Press and hold [+]
Press and hold [-]
Double click [CONFIRM] when a warning is presented
Double click [CONFIRM] during normal use
Press and hold [MENU] and [CONFIRM]
. During normal operation the unit will communicate the dose that
Less than 50%
50 to 80%
80 to 95%
More than 95%


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