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Radio Interface; Setting Radio Volume; Communication Keying Mode - Honeywell QUIETPRO QP100Ex User Manual

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7 Radio Interface

QUIETPRO QP100Ex is only allowed to be used together with intrinsically safe radios with ATEX/IS entity
parameters that are compatible with those of QUIETPRO QP100Ex.
! WARNING Using the system with radios that are not ATEX/IS compliant (even in non-hazardous locations)
will void the ATEX/IS certification of QUIETPRO QP100Ex. Such non-compliance could also
cause serious personal injury to the end user.
The radio cables are equipped with a small memory chip where the parameters, required for the interface
between the radio and QUIETPRO, are stored. When the radio cable is connected to the unit, it triggers the
settings for the correct radio.

7.1 Setting radio volume

To change the radio volume, enter the menu by pressing [MENU]. The radio volume will be your first option.
Press the [+] button to increase and [-] to decrease the radio volume step by step. Because this action will be
performed quite often it is handled differently than other menu items. You do not need to push [CONFIRM] to
activate the function but can start adjusting the volume directly. The voice feedback will announce the volume
level and also let you know when maximum or minimum level is reached. After the radio volume is set and no
button is pushed for 3 seconds, the system will exit radio volume mode with a time-out signal. The volume
buttons will now operate the hear-through volume again.
Adjust the volume control on the radio to approximately 80%. Use the volume buttons on the
QUIETPRO control unit to increase and decrease the volume further.
Setting the volume on both the radio and the QUIETPRO unit too high may cause sound
distortion. Always use the lowest possible volume setting that gives sufficient speech intelligibility.

7.2 Communication keying mode

There are two different modes for keying the communication radio; Push-to-Talk (PTT) and Open Mike. The default
at start-up is PTT mode. To switch between the different modes, enter the menu and go to "Keying Mode". Cycle
through the options and use [CONFIRM] to select the mode you wish to use. Note that in both cases, the hear-
through function and voice messages will shut down in one ear during transmission to ensure optimal voice pick-up.
To transmit on the radio or intercom system, press and hold the [PTT] button on the side of the control unit.
Release the button to go back to listening mode.
Open microphone
The Open Mike mode is designed for communication systems that allow constant keying, typically intercom
systems. This mode will only be enabled if the connected radio cable identifies itself as being connected to
such a system. It will key the intercom system and keep the voice pick-up microphone constantly open.
Remember that a microphone adds noise to the communication system when kept open.


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